Here's an idea for what to do with those Confederate statues

I kind of think the Bulgarians have the right idea. Make them into street art!

I saw that elsewhere. And Superman’s “S” is red on yellow background.

Someone on Facebook said, “Since when is Ronald McDonald a superhero?”

Semantics, folks, semantics. :stuck_out_tongue:

The colors make it pretty.

I’m not for destroying confederate statues or even against having them on display. I just think they should be put in proper historical perspective by always having a statue of Abraham Lincoln placed behind them kicking their ass.

We need to find a compromise. I know conservatives love their Confederate monuments, but they also love deals,big corporations and privatization.

So let’s generate some revenue by selling advertising space on Stone Mountain. Maybe one month we’ll see Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglar riding towards the Golden Arches, burgers in hand and flashy logo beneath. And maybe the next month it’ll show that creepy Burger King king perving on a teenaged couple on horseback. Chick-Fil-A might decide to be more respectful and simply show Lee, Jackson and Davis on horseback holding chicken sandwiches with a small tasteful logo in the corner.
Or sometimes it could be used to promote new movies. It could be painted as a horseback chase to promote a Western action adventure or as Amy Schumer and 2 guys on dragons to promote a romcom fantasy.

The possibilities are and this might bring more repeat business to the park as people will want to see the new characters each month. See, it’s possible to compromise :smiley:

If they’re bronze, melt them down iand make new statues of significant historical African-American and Abolitionist figures.

If stone, cut them into brick-sized blocks and build a Museum of Losers. Or a giant outdoor urinal wall, I’m not particular.

The Estonians put the busts of the local Communist leaders in the basement of the Occupation Museum, near the bathroom. But they were smaller than the Confederate statues.

Joking aside, I think it’d be most helpful to civilization generally to put them on display in museums, mixed with photographs of atrocities, to make more tangible what hero worship of this sort makes possible.

Several years ago I toured a museum of slavery in the southern US, and it was one display in particular that stopped me and kind of broke something within me. The display was a real, used set of tiny leg irons sized for six year old children.

Unfortunately I have a kind of veneer of comfortable distance that I think is somewhat common in the United States, and this broke a bit of it off, and changed forever something about how I see ourselves. There’s a limit to our ability to see truth around us and that limit needs to keep advancing. We should never feel OK. We should never forget what agony we have created.

Where we are today makes this all the more painfully obvious.

If wer’e going to go the superhero route, I think Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and John Brown would be more befitting.

Also Sherman. Is there any scene in cinematic history more heartwarming than the burning of Atlanta?

Oh, I dunno. You can’t tell me that someone who can make a child feel like this isn’t a superhero.

They should take all of the confederate statues and open special confederacy museum. On the bottom of the ocean.

Put them in a museum with artifacts and statues es of other Americans who committed violent acts against the United States. Call it the Museum of Treason.

They should be banned just like Nazi statues are banned in Germany. Why should we have statues to pure evil in public spaces? What does that say about us as a nation, and how do you think the mothers of fallen Union soldiers would feel about them?

I think I saw this on the SDMB. Just put medals on them all. 2nd Place.


I’d have Lincoln removing nooses from around their necks, because we so kindly pardoned them all for committing treason against their country.