Here's (some of) the Cast - Name the Movie

Ed Asner
Dick Van Patten
Bob Crane
Harold Gould
Tom Bosley
Fred Dryer (uncredited)

Got it, but only because I totally cheated and used IMDb’s “actors working together” search. I’ll spoiler it, so as not to steal the thunder of someone who may get it without cheating:

“Gus,” which I’d never heard of.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Samuel L. Jackson
Brad Pitt
Val Kilmer
Dennis Hopper
James Gandolfini
Christopher Walken
Michael Rapaport
Chris Penn
Gary Oldman
Tom Sizemore
Jack Black (in a deleted scene that’s included on the DVD)
Some cast!

Is it Gus?

Ok, an easy one:
Joey Lauren Adams
Rory Cochrane
Marissa Ribisi
Ben Affleck


I’m going for True Romance for jackelope’s one, but I’m not sure.



Robert “Baretta” Blake
Jamie “Klinger” Farr
John Wayne
Pat Boone
Telly “Kojak” Savalas
Angela Lansbury
Frank “Chief Wild Eagle” DeKova
Russell “The Professor” Johnson

Correct! Those guys all had fairly small roles; if I’d said Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette it would have been an immediate giveaway.

astorian, is that Kelly’s Heroes? (I didn’t cheat this time.)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Pia Zadora
Jermaine Jackson
Ruth Gordon
Alison La Placa.

Voyage of the Rock Aliens

and I’m willing to bet “And When The Rain Begins To Fall” is from that movie. Guess who sings it? (or do you actually remember the song?)

That would be Dazed & Confused.

How about:
Ving Rhames
Robert Patrick
Paul Guilfoyle
and Jose Zuniga

Is that Striptease?

How about:
Gary Sinise
Kevin Dillon
Peter Berg
Ethan Hawke
Arye Gross

How about…

Samuel L. Jackson
Jeff Daniels
Brad Dourif
Mandy Patinkin
Fran Drescher
John Ratzenberger
Donald O’Connor

Easy: Ragtime.

Adding a little note since this thread is stagnant. Ragtime is one of my favorite movies, and the Broadway musical is also wonderful. If you can’t see the play at least get the OCR. You’ll love it. Audra McDonald is in it, nuff said.

I totally suck at this game.

Paul Giamatti
Kyra Sedgwick
Eric Stolz
Bill Pullman
Tom Skerritt
Matt Dillon

And here’s another. Should be easy:

Johnny Depp
Forest Whitaker
John C. McGinley
Kevin Dillon

Article 99?

Me too. I haven’t seen most of the movies noted here, I just happened to luck upon the cast of Ragtime.