A new movie game

I name two or more actors or actresses and you have to name two or more movies that they appeared in together. If you’re the first one to get it right, you get to go next.

If more than one person gets the answer, the first one will be the next one up.

If you have the correct answer, you need to put up your two actors with your answer, not in a seperate post.

No fair using IMDB to look up answers.

Let’s see if this works.

It’s like this -
I’ll start with an easy one:

Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson

Then I say:

Pulp Fiction
Die Hard with a Vengence

And my two actors are:

Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson

**Henry V

Much Ado about Nothing

Dead Again**

Mine’s easy: John Turturro and John Goodman.

The Big Lebowski

Oh Brother Where Art Thou ?

That bit was easy … now let me see, something a bit trickier

**Lena Olin

Johnny Depp**

Chocolat and The Ninth Gate
Another easy one:

Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro

** Casino**

Keep it easy for a bit…

Clint Eastwood and Donald Sutherland

Space Cowboys

Kelly’s Heroes
Super, duper easy:

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller

Zoolander, and Starsky & Hutch

How about… Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jesse Ventura?

**Predator **& Running Man.

I’ll do an easy one:

Bruno Kirby & Billy Crystal

City Slickers & When Harry Met Sally

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan


You’ve Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle? (Not sure, I didn’t use IMDB)

Rhys Ifans and Miranda Otto

It occurs to me that this one might be too hard. In which case:

John Turturro and Emily Watson

Instead of letting this thread die or resorting to cheating, can you give us a hint tdn? I can’t think of one movie much less two.

Or I could just post an easier puzzle. I realize those might be hard, as none of the movies were huge Hollywood blockbusters.

But before I do that, what sorts of hints would you like that wouldn’t just be answers? I can’t think of any decent hints.

OK, here are two hints on Turturro-Watson: One movie takes place during the 1930s, the other is about a chess match.

I was posting that Turturro & Watson were in The Luzhin Defense together. Not sure about the 1930s movie (she wasn’t in Miller’s Crossing, was she?)

And Miranda Otto was Eowyn in the LotR movies, if that helps anyone.

You got one. The other also had Cary Elwes, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Bill Murray, and Hank Azaria.

And Rhys Ifans was in Notting Hill. He played Spike.

In the interest of moving the game along, let’s leave these as bonus questions.

Here’s an easier one:

Danny DeVito and Bette Midler

They’re both early Touchstone films, right?

One of them is a film where they’re married and Midler gets kidnapped by Judge Rheinhold and Helen Slater. I’m drawing a blank on the name.

Me too. I want to say Rich People, Rude People, Real People. I can’t put my finger on it. tdn is really giving me a workout. It’s suppose to be a silly little game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ruthless People

We can probably get this as a team. :slight_smile: