The Movie Game

Many of you have probably already played this game. It’s simple: first person names an actor/actress or a movie. If they name an actor, the next person must name a movie that actor is in. If the first person names a movie, the next player must name an actor from that movie. No movie or actor can be named more than once in the course of a game, and for simplicity’s sake, for movies that have an excessive number of sequels, one movie can count as the entire series (i.e. if Halloween is named, its sequels are eliminated from the game).

See how long we can keep it going. Try to keep responses to one line to hopefully cut down on simultaneous posts.

Example: I say Tom Hanks. The next poster says Apollo 11. Next, Kevin Bacon, and so on.
First one: Natalie Portman.

Beautiful Girls

Uma Thurman.

Kill Bill

Lucy Liu.

Charlie’s Angels

Cameron Diaz


John Lithgow

The World According to Gorp

Glenn Close.

That’s Garp, not Gorp.

Anywhoo: Robin Williams.

Blast! Fine.

Mars Attacks!

Sarah Jessica Parker

I absolutely can’t resist: Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Helen Hunt


Philip Seymour Hoffman

Boogie Nights

Don Cheadle