Movie Merger Madness

Over in CandidGamera’s thread Make Mine Marketable, I misread the OP and inadvertently invented a different game. Rather than clutter up that excellent thread, I’m breaking it off into a new one.

The rules are simple. You’re given a description of a movie. The next poster guesses the title of the movie, which is derived from the titles of two other movies. Bonus points for using three or more movies.

Example: Julia Roberts plays a hooker with a heart of gold. She must choose between the millionaire, who wants to take her off the streets, and her good friend Ducky, who has supported her through good times and bad.

Answer: Pretty Woman in Pink

Ready? Begin:

Young mutants, stylishly dressed in dark clothing, save the world from the alien menace.

Obvious. X-Men in Black

Try this one: Ronald Reagan plays a soldier trying to put together an all-Deadite soldier show for World War II.

This is the Army of Darkness.

A gripping drama intermingling the early years of the AIDS epidemic and its effect on the life of a young dockworker-turned-boxer.

And The Band Played On The Waterfront

Try this:

The wacky hijinks of Vincent Price and his college fraternity as they turn unwitting partygoers into living statues.

Animal House of Wax.


Newspaper editor will do anything to keep his top reporter and ex-wife from remarrying, even sending her to investigate reports of a masked serial killer at a nearby summer camp!

His Girl Friday the Thirteenth

My last one for now, need to give others a chance:

A man wakes up from a forgotten World War II hibernation experiment to carry on his grandfather’s experiment’s in reanimating the dead.

That would be Forever Young Frankenstein.

Here’s mine: Julia Roberts escapes her abusive husband by fleeing to a remote planet where she encounters a hostile alien with whom she eventually cooperates to survive.

Sleeping With the Enemy Mine

Here’s a TV/Movie tie-in:

A young couple take a cruise. Little does he know that she will die of a mysterious illness by the end of the trip.

Did I kill my own thread? Here’s an alternative (and much, much easier) description:

Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw take a ride on the Pacific Princess.

I get the reference, just can’t think of one of my own right now. :wink:

Love Boat Story

Another easy one: During the London blitz, three children learn that their bizarre host’s attic contains an old piece of furniture that can transport them to a disfunctional royal Christmas in 1183 France.

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in Winter

A small band of British soldiers fight off wave after wave of spear-weilding zombies.

Zulu Dawn of the Dead

Gigantic ape reclaims his throne amidst an epic struggle of good versus evil. Wizards, warriors, and elves unite to fight the final battle. Part three of an heroic trilogy.

Return Of The King Kong

A pair a slacker dope dealers use a sports car/time machine to stop production of a movie based on them.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back to the Future.
Annette Funnicello and Frankie Avalon await nuclear fallout after the rest of the world has perished.

The Runaway Princess Bride

Julia Roberts stars in this lighthearted comedy about a woman trying to stop the marriage of Prince Humperdink to the lovely Buttercup. Little does she realize that Westley (Cary Elwes) will stop at nothing to stop Julia from stealing his thunder.

Featuring Richard Gere as a Rodent of Unusual Size.

Er, you’re supposed to answer the previous Doper, then give a description of your own for the next Doper to guess.

That being said, I have no idea what jsgoddess’s movie would be.

A group of teens must repel an invasion of maniacal, oxygen-huffing lunitics thru dance.

A real “patriotic” feel-good title to boot!

Runaway Princess Bride

James Bond realises he’s stuck in a time warp after living through the same plot for the twentieth time.

Well crap on a cracker. My mistake, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.