Add a letter to a movie title

Jawas: Small alien sand people menace a New England town.
Start Wars: “Anakin, that’s the ugliest getup I’ve ever seen.”
Roocky: A boxing kangaroo gets a chance to fight the heavyweight champ.
TerminaToro: Get rid of that bull now!

Diet Harder - lose weight, already!

The Goodfather - Whose your daddy?

The Thingy: Antarctic researchers terrorized by, um, a thingy.

*Speedo *There’s a bomb in my swimsuit…

*Bratatouille *When the kids at day care don’t behave, they’re sent to the kitchen for an ultimate time-out.

Kurosawa’s Bran Even Japanese warriors get irregular now and then.

‘The Ringo’

If you watch him play drums, you die a week later.

Who Wants to Bed a Millionaire: Young singles try to hook up with rich folks in hopes of producing an 18 year contract.

‘The Good, The Brad, and the Ugly’.

A nondescript white guy joins in on a search for Confederate gold.

Slaw I-VI: Ugh, and aunt Sally brought the side…

Contacts: 2 hours of Jodie Foster searching for lost lenses.

Closet Encounters of the Third Kind - all this time, there really were aliens in the wardrobe.

Carts: Anthropomorphic grocery store equipment fight the takeover of their Mom and Pop operation by a national chain of superstores.

Not one of Pixars best efforts.

Chinotown (Chinatown): Staff at an outlet pants store fall in love, break up, and find themselves.

Yeast of Eden – Eve’s figleaf causes problems

URP: Disney/PIXAR’s adventure about a crotchety old man sailing away to distant lands in a balloon-lofted house fails to take into account his weak stomach…and the complete lack of air-sickness pills to be had!

The Quiet Moan: Maybe John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara didn’t take nearly so long to consummate their marriage as the movie originally called for – they just kept things much more off-camera, with hints barely perceptible, as perhaps befitted the sensibilities of the times.

The Princess Bridle: Only one man could claim the heart (and the obediance!) of the feisty Buttercup (an equestrian name if I ever heard one!). What REALLY happened between these two young lovers, sequestered away in the stables for hours at a time?

Hmmm. 'Twould seem I’m looking for certain things in coming up with my own suggestions for this thread – things perhaps better left unexamined. Move along! Nothing to see here! :smiley:

Mystic Driver: Tom Cruise stars as a NASCAR professional who doubles as a paranormal investigator. Co-starring Queen Latifah in the #900 Miss Cleo Chevrolet.

Maid Max A leather-clad housekeeper cleans up post-apocalyptic Australia.

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*Baitman *The Caped Crusader goes fishing

Ex-Men: First Class Follow four people in their swanky journey through gender-reassignment surgery

Harry Potter and the Deathly Shallows For a small child, even two inches of water is enough to drown in.

Can we do TV as well? 'Cause I’ve got an idea for a show about the world’s leading forensic priapologist:

Boners. Coming soon on FOXY!

Supperman - A strange visitor from another planet displays powers, abilities and an appetite beyond those of mortal men.

Thorn - An old Norse god transported to present-day America teaches the natives the Old Norse alphabet.