Describe a work with a truncated title.

Remove one letter from the title of a book, movie, tv show, play, musical, etc., and write a one-sentence description of the new work.


It’s a Wonderful Lie. A guardian angel talks George Bailey into thinking his life has made a difference . . . when actually, everyone would be better off without him.

The Straight Doe. A website all about a heterosexual female deer.

The Lord of the Rigs. An epic story about a champion oil-well driller.

The Bibe. The True Word from On High about drinking.

A Son of Ice and Fire: Killer Frost and Firestorm work out their differences the old fashioned way; the resulting broodling evaporates when exposed to the sunlight. The End.

Chariots of Ire: Professional jealousy on an athletic team takes a deadly turn.

A scholarly man makes a deal with the Dirt Devil in order to keep his chambers clean.

The Anal CTs of Confucius
How a virtuous man deals with butt cancer.

The Hills Have Yes
Creepy cannibals are prog rock fans.

Jurassic Ark

The dinosaurs didn’t actually get drowned in the flood.

A Clockwork Range - Ultra-violence down on the farm.
The Rocky Horror Picture Sow - A mad scientist creates a cross-dressing pig.
West Side Tory - Gang warfare and romance in the houses of Parliament.

Air-A hippie mistakenly finds himself on a mission to Mars.

Oy Story- The adventures of a Jewish kid and his dreidel.

If there were a price of admission, this would be worth it.

The Bile: A vitriolic and acrimonious holy text. :stuck_out_tongue:

Star Was-A documentary about supernovas.

12 Angry Me-Cloning gone wrong.

Even Samurai=Two Japanese warriors fight to a draw.

*Abe: Pig in the City. *A chronicle of the voracious appetite of the 16th President (Part 3: the Washington Years).

Apocalypse No - A US Army captain takes a stand when asked to undertake a dangerous mission to travel to a remote village and murder a Special Forces Colonel who had fallen out of favour with his superiors.

Psych - A fun-loving transvestite plays an elaborate practical joke on a pretty young guest staying at his motel.

All Abut Eve - A young woman takes a trip on an overcrowded subway train.

Waiting for Odot: The most boring episode of DS9 ever.

God Will Hunting: an omnipotent math prodigy.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Han: The USS Enterprise attempts to apprehend a scruffy yet rogueish smuggler, leaves scorch marks on his ship in the process, and suffers the consequences.

Ack- Bill the Cat ages rapidly in this sad tale.

Total Ecall-The sexiest online voice chat available! $3.99 per minute!!!

Alvin and Hobbes-A loveable chipmunk meets his gruesome end.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Cones The Galactic Republic is thrown into turmoil by the attack of an army of mysterious aliens from the planet Remulak.

I don’t know how to pick/nominate a thread for thread-spotting, but this is very entertaining, with endless possibilities. :p:p:p