Describe a work with a truncated title.

City of Go: A prodigy who plays the popular board game faces difficulties growing up.
Godfellas: A pair of Mormon missionaries struggles with their romantic feelings towards each other.
Tax Driver: The travails of an traveling IRS agent as he contends with tax cheats, his own failings, and his life devoid of relationships.
Das Bot: A rogue computer program becomes self aware.
Aging Bull: Does an aging ox have what it takes to win one more county prize?

Enter the Drago- A Russian boxer joins the world of mixed martial arts.

V for Endetta-A look at the history of tpyos.

I was going to suggest O Bother, Where Art Thou?, but I see it’s been done.

*Bi *- Tom Hanks is transported into a new life after an encounter with a fortune-telling machine.

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**Pup Fiction **- aka Reservoir Dogs, the early years .

Taxi Diver-A cabbie gets paid to lose fights.

Laughterhouse 5-A comical story about the Dresden firebombings.

Thankees! Now to think of a cleve title…

Field of Reams - cornholed in the cornfield.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Han: The largest Chinese ethnic group are in space, mad, and not going to take it anymore.

Ride of the Yankees - the touching story of the team bus that served the Bronx Bombers for many years before succumbing to a tragic mechanical failure.

*Tar Trek. *The Enterprise returns to the planet where Tasha Yar died . . . only to discover that the black sticky monster has engulfed the entire planet.

Tax Driver- In a mad race against the clock, a US Postal Service truck must deliver thousands of tax forms to the IRS by the April 15 deadline.

Watchme: Hey y’all, look at this!

Titnic - star-crossed lovers meet over an outdoor lunch at a nudist camp.


Star Wars: Return of the Jed : Pa Clampett is rescued from his carbonite prison.

Dawn of the Dad - Dad wakes up one morning with an inexplicable urge to eat human flesh.

The Man Who Olded Himself > man inherits mysterious belt which allows him to age himself instantly

Y Tu Mama Ambien > Two Mexican teens steal some pills from their Mom to get high on a road trip and learn life lessons, but end up just falling asleep

Tar Trek > To boldly go to La Brea

The Empire Strikes Ack > Darth Vader declares war on Martian and their fearless leader, Bill the Cat

E7en > Serial killer on a spree of deadly sin murders, two for each sin

Eat Ray Love > Bored housewife has spiritual journey involving pasta, romance, and lasers

The Bi Lebowski - Bowling, nihilists, and hot, sweet, three-way action.