Very Short stories

Cribbed guitlessly from Wired, via Slashdot:

Can YOU write a story in six words or less?
“Alas, there wasn’t enough fuel. Damn.”

“Blonde walks into bar; says ‘Ouch.’”

I’ll never eat a bicycle again.

He went back in time. Again.

She found Hansel and Gretel delicious.

Overconfidence was the hare’s undoing.

He missed his old sled.

Without a doubt, crime was committed.

I’ll post the same one I did over on the Unaboard

Not even coffee and chocolate worked.

He smiled at her, she ran.

Winter comes, the grasshopper dies.

The scientist’s creation runs amok.

His suicide note was brief.

Buddhist story- birth, death, birth again.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

I came, I came, I came.

The world ended. Nobody even noticed.

Knock. Knock. “Dave?”

“Dave’s not here.”

Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit!

Eris did her job exceedingly well.

Obituary-accomplished nothing. Mourned by nobody.

He had an unknown allergy: nippleclamps.

DOG you dyslexic motherfucker, NOT god.

The classic SomethingPositive* very short rpg campaign:

“Fuck it. Rocks fall. Everyone dies.”

The last Earthman heard a cough.

“That wasn’t cheesecake, Floyd”