Drop One Letter Off The Sign, And Change The Movie Title

How To Make An American Quit
Mr Holland’s Pus
Ill Bill

Tar Wars
Tar Trek

My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo

Petty Woman

Hoe Alone

Plane of the Apes

Crocodile Undee

yes Wide Shut

American Pi
Dawn of the Dad
Fat Times at Ridgemont High

Dud, Where’s my Car?

50 fist dates

Pup Fiction

The Bi Lebowski

One With The Wind

Tree Kings

One with the Wind

Bride on the River Kwai

Forbidden Plant

Planet of the Pes

The Life of Bran

Monty Python and the Holy Rail

Little Hop of Horrors
Phantom of the Opra

A Man Part
Free Will
Rome Must Die
The Ouch
Super Ma
Cunt of Monte Cristo**

Bi Fish
Attack of the Cones
A New Hop


The Scorpion Kin


The Spy Who Hagged Me

International Ma of Mystery

**You Only Lie Twice

War of the Words


The Andromeda train

The Fir

Chariots of Fir

Quest for Fir


The even Samurai

For Your yes Only


And, of course:

**Gags of New York

Price of the City

Go spell


The Return of the Bob


Maser and Commander

lien vs. Predator**