The *other* movie game

I’m thinking of a movie. Can you guess what it is?

Go ahead and ask me questions. I prefer questions like “Was it made before 1990?” and “Did it star any SNL people?” to questions like “Uh, Con Air? Dude, was it Con Air?” Deductive reasoning is the way to success here.

For organizational purposes, let’s refer to this as movie#1. Should you want to submit your own movie, give it a unique identifier. When submitting questions, specify which puzzle you are asking about. Otherwise total chaos ensues.

And no, the answer to movie#1 is not Con Air.

Does the word ‘the’ occur in the title?

Question re: Movie #1.

How would you characterize this movie?

(a) drama
(b) comedy
© horror
(d) science fiction
(e) fantasy
(f) romance
(g) thriller
(h) none of the above

P.S. I happen to be thinking of one, we’ll call it Movie#2

The word “The” is in the title.

I forgot to mention that the questions should be yes/no in format. Sorry!

But I’d say it’s a drama/thriller.

Is it a Sci-Fi or Fantasy film?

Movie #2:

Was it made after 1990?
Does it have human(like) characters that are shorter than normal human size?

Was it filmed in the United States?
Is the lead character a cop or PI?

I should add one more rule: In order to post a puzzle, you should at least have seen it! In light of that, for movie#1 you might want to concentrate more on the actors than the plot.


“Is it a Sci-Fi or Fantasy film?”


“Was it made after 1990?”


Does it have human(like) characters that are shorter than normal human size?


Movie#1: Does it last longer than 150 minutes?



Was it a comedy?
Was it made after 1997?


  • are any illegal drugs used in the movie (either on or off screen)?
  • do two of the main characters fall in love in the movie?

Once again, I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know, but based on context, I’d bet my reputation on:


Your best bet is going after the main star.

“Was it a comedy?”

It is funny but is not intended as a comedy (or ‘no’)
“Was it made after 1997?”


And I’ll answer Tusculan’s first question about Movie#1 for Movie#2. HELL yes!
Movie#1: was it set in the US?
Was it made after 1995?

Is Tom Cruise in it?

Movie#1: does it contain soldiers?


Was Michael Douglas in it?

I think so.

Certainly not in the conventional sense, not as part of the main plot. I don’t think. I didn’t see it!

“Was Michael Douglas in it?”

Movie#1: Are there mafia in it?
Is the main male character older than 50?

Is it set more than 20 years ago?

Does that mean there might be soldiers in an unconventional sense?