The name/question/movie game

You read right…let’s take our geek love for movies to the max in this little game i devised. The rules are simple. You may only speak in questions, and somehow you have to pay homage to a movie in each question. also, you have to address someone in the process.
Ruralrage says:

So, followed any white rabbits today, jeangrey_doll?

jeangrey_doll says:
What do you think i am, ruralrage, a knight of the round table?
(end ex.)

Those are the only rules. If someone addresses you in question and pays homage to a certain movie…you must reply in question paying homage to the same movie.

Let’s begin…Questions can be enclosed in spolier tags only.

Yeah…scratch that last line and let’s play this game. People here HAVE to have a vast amount of movie knowledge…come on!

Er…how do you know who to address, though? Not everyone performs vanity searches…and some can’t (less than 4 letters in name). It’d have to be someone who’s already in the thread (hmmm…you or me) or Esprix. :wink:

So, ruralrage, do you take pennies from the tray?

No, Kat, I don’t, but I gotta ask - do you feel lucky, punk?

I think I get this.

So, Esprix, does the world around you disappear when you close your eyes?

u just address people in the thread…in this case…us so far…and anyone else can answer if the addressee doesn’t know the question…
TJdud825, do you want to go home?