Here's your Robot Chicken fix

While you’re waiting for new episodes, take a look at DC Comics Robot Chicken variant covers for the month of March. My two favorites are the Swamp Thing cover and “Beast Boy loses a bet”.

Who the heck is the guy on the stage with the long blond hair? The costume is vaguely reminiscent of pre-Crisis Lex Luthor.

Yeah, I assumed it was Lex based on the get up.

The pic is labeled “Forever Evil 7” and Luthor’s outfit in that comic is at least similar. It’s more violet-and-emerald than pink-and-teal as in the RC version, but…that’s probably supposed to be Luthor.

Yeah, I don’t think new eps air until next September. What’s the deal with the year and a half hiatus?

I think it’s Aquaman.