DC Comics' 52... dammit, now I'm psyched.

For anyone who cares, DC Comics is shaking up their universe with an event called Infinite Crisis, promising big changes, new ongoing storylines, shocking deaths, and more costumed melodrama. The culmination of Infinite Crisis would be a year leap forward in time, and then rejoining all the regular montly comics (like Superman, Batman, JLA, etc.) “One Year Later,” after all these cataclysmic events happened. A weekly series called 52 would fill in all the gaps in the missed year, although we’ve heard little about it so far… until now. Wizard Magazine leaked these details about 52, and very general spoilers follow. Turn away now, if you prefer to go in completely cold!

52 Spoilers about 52

  1. Luthor’s JLA: With the JLA disbanded, the bald baddie forms his own Justice League, comprised of entirely new characters plus one familiar face.

  2. Wholesale Destrcution: An entire country within the DC Univerise will be leveled by a known power player, killing every man, woman and child within.

  3. Batwoman Begins: A new female crimefighter takes to the streets of Gotham, but who’s behind the mask? Here’s a hint: It’s not who you think.

  4. Steel: The Conscience of the DCU - John Henry Irons steps back into the Steel armor and steps up his game to cover for the absence of several heroes following Infinite Crisis, ruffling some feathers with his philosophy that true heroes do their job without accolades.

5 Star Wars - A new villian will be introduced in the outer reaches of space. Early word has this new tyrant giving Darkseid a run for his money.

6 Cast of Millions - Forget just the Big Three, the Justice League or even everybody that has appeared in Infinite Crisis-- this series will indeed star the entire DCU.

  1. Back in the saddle - Keith Giffen returns to DC in a major way to co-plot and do layouts on 52, bringing his grand sense of scope and knack for humor to the table.

  2. Weird Science - A Shadowy figure is abducting big brains like T.O. Morrow, Will Magnus and Dr. Sivana with an eye toward altering the world of technology.

  3. Renee Montoya: DC’s Drunk Detective - Interoduced in the 1990s’ “Batman: The Animated Series,” then making the jump to comics as the lead of Gotham Central, Renee Montoya has sunk to her lowest point as an alcoholic dectective and must find her way back to respectability.

10 For Freedom! - From the ashes of the original team’s gory demise in Infinite Crisis, a new team of Freedom Fighters emerges to take up the fight!

  1. Drawing Blood - Joe Bennett, who showed he could draw the nastiest fight scenes around during his time on Hawkman, will now have the entire DCU at his disposal as one of the main artists on 52

  2. Girls Gone Wild - Down-on-her-luck Montoya will see her bed become a revolving door of lovers – one of whom will make her mark on the DCU before all is said and done.

  3. Man becomes Superman - A DC hero known for getting the job done without metahuman powers will get their abilities augmented in a major way.

  4. Dynamic Duo: M.I.A. - Batman and Robin won’t step foot in Gotham for the entire year. What’s keeping them away?

  5. The Ultimate Insult - A beloved DCU character no longer of the living will have their grave defaced in a shocking act.

  6. Encore - Writer Geoff Johns looks to follow up his work on Infinite Crisis by telling an even bigger story, if you can believe that.

  7. The Question; Getting Answers - If you loved him on “Justice League Unlimited” get ready for the Question to return to the DCU in a major way, becoming a lynchpin of 52 and setting himself up as Gotham’s new protector.

  8. Ralph Dibny: The Next Step - Nobody in the DCU has suffered more in the past two years than Elongated Man, but in 52, Ralph Dibny tries to move on in way that will shock you.

19 On the Edge - A respected former member of the Justice League his bottom and contempletes suicide. Will this beleaguered Leaguer pull the trigger?

  1. Real Time - Like on TV’s “24” this number-titled series unfoldes week by week at the pace of real life, putting fans right in the thick of things.

  2. Bad As He Wants to Be - With the White House way behind him, Lex Luthor gets back to basics and pushes the envelope, becoming more evil and ruthless than ever.

  3. Big Break - After years of toiling in relative obscurity, Chris Bastista made his make on JLA last year-- now he’ll try to cement himself as one of the best artist around.

  4. Wedding Bells - One of the DCU’s most eligable bachelors finally meets the super-woman who can tame him enough to settle down.

  5. The Mad Genius - Writer Grant Morrison will be unleashed upon DCU once more, bringing with him the seemingly endless fountain of new concepts and characters he displayed in JLA and Seven Soldiers.

  6. Final Farewell - Some members of the team Donna Troy took into space during Infinite Crisis won’t be back by the first issues of 52, and some won’t be coming back at all.

  7. Wind of Change - A new Red Tornado unlike anything that’s come before will ride the eye of the storm into 52 and possible beyond.

  8. Booster Gold: The Big Time at Last - Booster Gold was considered a joke as a member of the Justice League International, but 52 sees him take his shot as a A-list hero.

  9. Fortune & Glory - One character’s long-fought quest for respect comes to an end when they become the leader of their own country.

29 Ralph Gets Some! - Mr. Dibny finds himself getting busy with somebody other than his beloved Sue. Who’s the lucky lady (or fella)?

  1. Fate - With Hector Hall out of the picture for the time being, someone new will step up to the golden mantle of Dr. Fate and become the wold’s most powerful sorcerer.

  2. DC Encyclopedia - Nobody knows the DCU better than writer Mark Waid, and he’ll be putting every ounce of his trivia knowledge to good use redefining everybody from Superman to Ambush Bug.

  3. From Beyond the Grave - Having seen Superman, Green Arrow and now Hal Jordan return from the dead, a fomer Justice League member attempts to resurrect an old friend.

  4. Monster Mash - Lex Luthor changes the face of humanity forever through a series of experiments on Monster Island.

  5. Family Drama - A rift forms between Steel and his niece when she makes a decision affecting the entire DCU.

  6. Black Adam: Choosing a Side - Black Adam has walked the line between hero and villian for the past 3,200 years. 52 will provide the most in-depth look yet at what motovates this complex character and his sense of honor.

  7. Rising Star - Don Kramer came out of nowhere to wow fans as artist on JSA for the past two years–now he’ll get to ply his knack for drawing sprawling casts on an even bigger stage.

  8. The Main Man? - Is Lobo going back to basics? We’ve heard whispers, but it’s too soon to say…

  9. Mr. Versatile - Greg Rucka can write anything from superheroes to comedy to epionage drama, and he’ll be tested in every area over the course of 52.

  10. Whodunnit? The Question will put Montoya’s detective skills to the test with a mystery that ends up taking a year to solve.

  11. Changing the Future - Booster Gold and sidekick Skeets will attempt to use their knowledge of the past from the future to prevent major disasters before they happen. Will they succeed, or destroy the timestream in the process?

  12. JLA=S.E.X. - Two former Justice Leaguers you would NOT expect will bump uglies by year’s end. Awk-ward!

  13. Who’s Who - Each issue of 52 contains a two-page origin story on one of the DCU’s heroes or villians, as written and drawn by top industry talent. Get caught up!

  14. Crossing Over - A well-established character with a lot of history will make their first appearance in the DCU.

  15. Not that there’s anything wrong with that - A new gay character make their first appearance in 52, before moving on to their own ongoing series.

  16. 52 Wednesdays - The first weekly comic attempted in over 15 years-- since the demise of Action Comcis Weekly in 1989–52 will give fans a reason to get excited about going to the comic shops every single week.

  17. Microsoft Man - Signing endorsement deals left and right, Booster Gold becomes a corporate hero, but when push comes to shove, who’s pulling the strings?

  18. Look! Up in the Sky! - A mysterious and powerful new character named Supernova will make his debut in Metropolis. But is this actually a famillar face with a new look?

  19. Cover Me - J.G. Jones will provide the art for not one, not two, not 33 , but all 52 covers of 52. With Jones’ smooth, innovative style, thats another 52 reasons right there.

  20. Powerless - One of DC’s biggest icons spends the years as a civilian, unable to prevent what they once would have handed with ease.

  21. Don’t get too attached - One of the six leads of 52 won’t see the end of the year. Who’ll bite the dust?

  22. Dream Team - Morrison, Johns, Waid, Rucka, Giffen—any of these names is enough to get the average fanboy to wet himself, but ALL of them on the same book? Every week? Break out the adult diapers!

  23. The Journey - By the time the first issue of 52 hits the stands, we’ll already know where the DCU is headed thanks to the “One year later” jump, but more than half the fun is trying to piece together how everything got there as the mysteries unravel.

At the bottom there is a “The Main Players”:

Black Adam = DC’s Dr. Doom

Booster Gold = The Sell-Out

Renee Montoya = The Drunk Knight

Elongated Man = Too Far Gone?

Steel = Lex’s New Nemesis

The Question = The New Batman

My best guess is Booster Gold.

Guess: Black Adam (rather than a more obvious choice like Vandal Savage, Ra’s Al Ghul, or Lex Luthor).

I know they’re introducing a new super-powered Blue Beetle, but it’s a different guy (not Ted Kord). Could it be Nightwing?

NICE. Huge Question fan, especially of his JLU conspiracy theorist/detective portrayal.

Again, NICE.


The obvious choice would be Booster Gold trying to bring Ted Kord back.

Bring it on.

Because this has always worked so well for time-travelers.

The Spirit. I have no doubt of this – it has to be the Spirit.

Lemme guess, the initials are L.L. and it ain’t a plucky reporter lady, a small-town redhead, or a mermaid.

With nothing to base this on, we know Ralph is probably still distraught over Sue’s death (although who knows what 52 has in store for him), and he’s redundant in the DCU thanks to Plastic Man. Booster means well, but he isn’t the brightest guy around, and if he ends up in league with Luthor (no pun intended)… well, those Giffen-era Leaguers usually don’t have happy endings these days.

This seems almost too obvious, to me, but he’s really the best choice given the sinister feel of the question.

I’m hoping on Montoya as the corpse, personally - maybe at the hands of the lover who ‘will make her mark on the DCU’. I’ve seen speculation she’s going to be the new host to the Spectre, and it’s just too good an idea.

Robin’s apparently going to be wanted for murder. I have little doubt this is related.

OTOH…Batman and Robin being out of action could have different reasons.

I can’t think of any other ‘eligable bachelors’ who could really have a satisfying story involving them getting married.

I wonder if this is how they intend to take Wally out of action.

Could also be Zatanna, suffering from guilt.

It seems terribly unlikely for any of the others I can think of, for various reasons.

Guy and Beatriz? Their mutual grieving over Ice seems to have brought them together in ICB…

My guess - Captain Marvel. The Shazam-magic is currently haywire, so I can see Billy not being able to Cap out for a while. Although I’m sure he’ll get them back by the end of the gap - or else he takes over from Shazam and Mary becomes the primary Cap.

Could also be Atom or Elongated Man, both wracked by guilt over the events in Identity Crisis (EM’s wife’s murder at the hands of Atom’s ex-wife).

That would’ve been my first guess, but they have hooked up before, also grieving over Ice, in the Guy Gardner: Warrior series in the mid-'90s.

Really? Huhn.

I only saw the first few issues off Warrior, so I missed that.

In that case, I really can’t think of a good pairing. Unless someone decides to ‘experiment’…Clark and Bruce would certainly be ‘awk-ward!’

‘As God is my witness, no more Kryptonian whisky.’

Your other possible suicidal Leaguers are good choices, too. They never occured to me. (OTOH, I’m still thinking Wally’s the best choice.)

I’d say Superman. With the (less-powerful) Golden Age Superman stepping up to the plate in the JSA.

It could be Marvel, but with the whole Crisis tie-in, I’d say not.

And the Spirit will be showing up, possibly giving Batman & Robin a difficult time.

Thanks for posting this! Coulda put it in the comic discussion thread, though… :wink:

Booster seems most likely.

Well, assuming it’s not the Spectre still at play… Black Adam seems a good choice, and this ties into that spoilerific multiple choice quiz we recently saw.

Renee Montoya? Cassandra Cain? Barbara Gordon? Selina Kyle?

Probably not Ollie. Bruce? Nightwing seems unlikely, based on the current arc.


The Flash, Barry Allen? Or someone who dies this time around.

It could be Batman. Nightwing, though… hmm.

That’s a puzzler.


Booster could try resurrecting Beetle, but given the list of Leaguers mentioned? Maybe someone tries to bring back Barry.

It’ll be an Infinite Crisis death or perhaps Batman’s disappearance from Gotham.

Zan and Jayna. (I kid, I kid)

You folks have independent evidence of the Spirit, or did DC just buy the rights or something?

Montoya’s lover, most likely.

Hmm. Could also be Wonder Woman. Check that recently posted quiz for four possibilities…

For no particular reason, I’m guessing J’onn J’onzz.

The spectre’s already destroyed a country (multiple time,s if you count his Old Testament acts). In the Ostrander run, he destroyed a Serbia stand-in. So, I’d guess Black Adam.

DC has the rights. I think they’re handling new Spirit stuff, including a Batman/Spirit x-over.

DC has Eisner’s retelling of the Spirit’s origin online

oh, and something tells me the “Ebony White” character likely won’t be in any new DC Spirit strories, at least not without some changes…

I agree. Much truer to what I think the character would be.

The “defiled grave” thing has to be Barry. Who might also be the corpse in the “attempt to return from the dead” thing. GL and/or Elongated Man might try.

Wait! You mean Lyla Ler-Ol, the famous Kryptonian actress that Superman fell in love with when he went in the past and ended up on Krypton? They certainly wouldn’t make her bad, would they?

Or Luma Lynai, the super-powered woman who Superman actually proposed to, but she couldn’t live on Earth and he couldn’t live on her planet?
Lightning Lad?
Lightning Lass?
Lightning Lord?
Little League? (Seriously. There was a magic computer that predicted that Superman would be saved by an L.L. before the end of the story and it was a kid in the Little League)
Lucy Lane? She’s a big enough er…pain in the butt.
Leslie L-something–the bad-guy lady scientist (who discovered the “It kills Superman and not much else” Q-Radiation) from Superman 204?

I know! They’re bringing back Lex Luthor’s telepathic sister, Lena ThoruL! :wink:

It could also be Batman–word is that they’re trying to get away from the Roarschach-esque psycho and given that he nearly snuffed the JLA with his “How do I murder them” plans, and given all the deaths that Brother Eye has caused, Bats has a large load of guilt.

Plus there’s still the “Batman ends up in Arkham for a year” rumor. Yeah, DC’s denied it, but they also said that “Infinite Crisis” would be a small, intimate tale with no cosmic reprecussions. So they’re not above lying (which is cool, actually! :smiley: )

#12 might actually be Oliver Queen, because in a few recent issues of JLA they’ve made a big deal out of how he has no powers. They’ve harped on it so much it made me wonder if they were about to power him up, at least for a little while.

This all sounds great though. I’m also really psyched.

I didn’t even know where that thread was, it had fallen so far. Figured I should start anew, you know, new topic o’discussion and all. And I’ve made no secret about how bored/annoyed/fed up I am with the current state of monthly comics, particularly superhero stuff, particularly from the Big Two. This news was enough to get ME interested, so I figured everyone else might want a glimpse as well.

I actually like the idea of having a separate ongoing thread for 52 like we had for Identity Crisis.

When is 52 supposed to start shipping, anyway?

I believe I heard May, although it could have said March.

Regarding the ressurection–could Guy Gardner be trying to raise Ice from the dead with his ring?
A limited version of what Hal tried to do?
He’s just the fellow recless enough to try.

Or maybe his computer-possessed daughter, Lena Luthor.