Weekly Comic Book Discussion 7/6/2006

Here 'tis.

Really solid week for me, I think. The (unfortunately) last issue of The Thing was the best thing of the bunch. No pun intended.

Jonah Hex #9: Loved the story, but I can barely stand DeZuniga’s art. It comes very very close to spoiling the whole thing for me. This is strange and tragic since he rocked Hex back in the day.

Y The Last Man #47: Some backstory on Mann, even if we already knew most of it. Oh. And eew. The question is: Is the author of the plague Dr Mann’s father, or his lover?

Teen Titans #37: Mallah and the Brain (One is a disembodied genius, the other’s a slavishly devoted ape) make a cute couple. As do Eddie and Rose. It’s really hard to see how Gar and the other Doomers didn’t get that Niles is a dick though. Only Mento was under any unnatural influence. I want to see what’s up with Miss Martian and Zatara… Right now!

52 Week Nine Great stuff with the castaway trio. And Natasha… Natasha Natasha Natasha… To quote Superman: “Come on! He’s Lex Flipping Luthor!” And um… Are you going to recap Infinite Crisis? Because that’s really not necessary. The trade isn’t even out yet.

**Detective Comics #821:**Hello, what’s this? Batman doing some actual detective work? And a decent new addition to the rogues gallery. Nice work. I am a little bummed that they didn’t keep the Jason Bard support. Those were pretty cool too.

Secret Six #2:Lesbian death cliche narrowly averted. It’s nice that they don’t even pretend that these are the good guys, or even pragmatists doing nasty things for the greater good. These are bad bad people… But there are worse.

Quote of the week: You’re taking your theme way too serious, Blake. You need to use the litter box before we go on?

The All-New Atom #1: Simone and Morrison. Two great tastes that go great together! This one’s a keeper, folks. Funny and strange, and already a good supporting cast. Wonder if they’ll adress why Ryan doesn’t asplode.

Detective looks to be a keeper, to me. I think I’ll leave it on my pull list - not digging the art so much, but as you say, it was a real detective piece.

Titans was solid, but that last page blew my fragile little mind.

Secret Six : “Cheshire Cat.” Heh. Love it.

Atom : Freaky-deaky cool. I wish A.) Byrne was nowhere near this and B.) Ray Palmer hadn’t completely gotten shafted by Identity Crisis so I could enjoy this more unreservedly.

I can’t wait for the part where the recap catches up to the part where Donna sat around recapping for several weeks, and it finally laps itself and she’s caught in an infinite loop of recapping.

Which would be fine, because she bores me and I don’t care if she never shows up in any books or anything. :wink:

I wish Secret Six could be a weekly book too.

I enjoyed Detective. I didn’t think the art was great, but it’s nice to see Batman detecting. I also wish we had more single issue stories these days. I like a good story arc if there’s really enough story to stretch over a few issues, but not all stories need to be long. This one played like an episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

I haven’t finished my stack for this week (or last week, for that matter). And I wish The Thing wasn’t ending, dammit.

Secret Six - Love this book. Hate the art. So much. Ches, darling, you’re a woman…of course Dr Psycho has a crush on you. Hatter’s interresting…somewhat more broken than last I saw him, but I’m liking him so far.

Teen Titans - Nothing is more pure than the love between a gorrilla and a disembodied brain.

Atom - Well, we now know 5 members of the new JLA - not that any of them are a surprise. That aside, I like. ‘I’m nude in my shirt!’ Heh.

Supergirl - Hmm…the identities of Kal-El and the Holy Mother (or at least who they appear to be to me*) are interesting. The scene with Kara and Kal-El at the end was…uhm…kinda hot. <_<

  • Kal-El’s self-description sounds a LOT like Ultraman - the pre-Crisis, Earth-3 version. Holy Mother looks to be Saturn Queen - probably a new version, not a return of any pre-existing version. But a red-head, in a blue costume with a Saturn symbol on the chest? Yeah.

Teen Titans #37: Excellent. Didn’t see the last page coming at all.

52 #9: The only way The Oddessy could be a better book is if the protagonist had Starbolts.

Maybe I watched too much FullMetal Alchemist, but something’s bugging me about Steel. Is his body producing steel now? It seems kinda careless just to be flinging bits of himself around if he can’t replace it. I’ll leave you to imagine where the globs are coming from now.

Supergirl - yeah, I definitely agree with the theories there, but wonder if it might be something bigger we’re not seeing yet…

JSA - The final issue - A decent ending after a slow-paced plot.

Outsiders - Well, since Titans basically reverted on Brain’s status, now we have fewer timeline issues with the book. And there are hints of an interesting mystery with Mr. Mason.

52 - It was nice to see so much of the Question this time.

I hear that. Dan Slott is the Mark Waid of the decade.

Something occured to me while discussing the book elsewhere:

Maybe we’ve been wrong all along about who Kara’s derived from. Maybe Supergirl isn’t the New Earth version of the Supergirl of Earth-1. Maybe she’s the Supergirl of Earth-3, popped back into reality by the same thing that brought Ultraman back. That would explain Zor-El being evil and crazy, even relative to normal post-Crisis Kryptonians.

Just some idle pondering that doesn’t even rise to the level of ‘theory’ yet.

If memory serves,

Ultraman isn’t Kryptonian. Or was it just his most recent incarnation that presented him as a human modified by aliens?

The original was Kryptonian. Although, as I look for a cite, I find a few bits of information that I had forgotten/never learned that do cause problems with my theory about Kara and Zor-El - Ultraman’s family was the House of Ul, not El, and his Krypton wasn’t exploded.

Interesting. Raises a thorny problem though…

We have an Ultraman now. With DC’s multiversal downsizing, they’re going to give us a second one for some little nothing arc in Supergirl? I’m dubious. The KJal could also be the evil Superman from the alternate timelines in Superman/Batman, I suppose… and even the original Ultraman didn’t react to Kryptonite like Supergirl does, did he?

No he doesn’t. That’s one thing that carried over to Morrison’s version. He got his powers from it. Although Kryptonite-3, like Anti-Kryptonite is clearly a completely different deal than K-1, so that’s a minor speedbump.

The other potential Kal is also possible, of course. In which case Ultraman seems to be a deliberate red herring.

So, if The All-New Atom is a OYL title, then who’s the Atom that’s showing up in 52? Are we to assume that it’s Ray? Or is there some third Atom that’s been hinted at?

There’s an Atom in 52? Has he been in it yet or will he be in an upcoming issue?

Assumption on my part, there.

In 52 #8, there’s a new superhero who’s basically doing all the heroics once Booster’s been exposed. You don’t actually see that much of him, or what he does (appears, disappears, gets people out of harm’s way, makes falling timbers disappear).

His costume looks a little like Atom’s – what we can see of it; with the mask, and colors. He’s got a cape, though, and the mask is full-face, and he’s got glowy special effects. But speculation I’d heard was that it was the new Atom, using size-changing to do all that stuff.

Comparing the two side-by-side, might not be a good assumption.

That’s Supernova, who’s shown flying on several upcoming covers, which Atom does not.

The two most common speculations are that he’s Connor Kent (improbable, since Connor’s still dead as of OYL) and Booster (the theory I support, although it took a minor blow in issue 8.)

Interesting, the Spec I heard is that Supernova is Booster. The Real Booster, last seen in the OMAC Project mini. The guy we’ve seen since then in Infinite Crisis and 52 is another Booster from an alternate future. You can tell because this Booster’s personality is different from how he was written just previous to all his Crisis jazz. Real Booster apparnetly spent the Crisis drunk in a ditch somewhere, and is now coming back.

Because the whole experience of having your best friend die and then getting a chance to save the world wouldn’t change a guy.

And writers are always strictly consistent with characterization. They never have a character revert to an older, “classic” personality type once they’ve moved on.

Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

Anyway, there’s a problem with the Ray as Supernova theory too. Namely: why? Nobody except maybe Ray himself blames him for Jean’s actions. Everybody would welcome back the Atom if he showed up. There’s no reason for a new identity.

If you fine folks head over to newsarama.com, they have this gem :

Which avoids major spoilers but has lots of teases for 52.

Hrm. I need to stop listening to the Comic Store Guys, then. Although:

I knew it! In your face, Comic Store Guys! Boo-yah.