Heroes DVD "unaired" pilot

I just bought the Heroes DVD last night because it said it included a “73 minute unaired” introduction (pilot?).

My first impression was, “wait, this just looks like the first episode of Heroes.” After stopping it and restarting it to make sure it really WAS on the unaired episode, I watched it and actually felt a little ripped off.

This “unaired” show was actually just portions of the first 3 episodes, but with some notable and not so notable differences. Here’s what I remember off the top of my head:

  • There were some different actors in this pilot: Telepacop’s wife was a different actor, as was the woman FBI agent. Suresh’s father was also different, but I think this discrepancy actually carried forward into the series.
  • Radioactive man wasn’t “Ted”, an American, it was “Omid,” a reluctant Middle Eastern terrorist in LA.
  • It looks like they were setting it up that the explosion in New York was going to be a terrorist attack, not radioactive Ted going super-critical.
  • The “Glyph” that looked like a small piece of DNA didn’t appear anywhere.
  • Telepacop didn’t find the little girl in the house by hearing her. He found a Middle Eastern man in a heater vent by hearing his praying.
  • There was no slaughter in the house. It isn’t clear to me (maybe I don’t remember) why they were in the house at all.
  • Telepacop wasn’t trying to become a detective, he was trying to join SWAT.
  • Jessica still killed the 2 Linderman goons in her garage, but the big one didn’t get torn in half.
  • Isaac’s apartment is different.
  • Isaac thinks he’s going crazy and blames it on the drugs. He handcuffs himself to a pipe in his room in a desperate attempt to get off the drugs. A short time later you see him painting again, after sawing off his hand to get out of the handcuffs.

These are the differences I remember.

In this pilot, the first time we see Nathan’s mother, she’s in a police station after having gotten caught shoplifting a pair of socks. Did this happen in the real series? I don’t remember.

I bought the DVD thinking that this “unaired” show would provide additional background, show situations that occurred before the series actually started, or situations that they didn’t show in the series.

What it actually is is just a pilot with mostly scenes we’ve already seen in the series. Call me naive, but I thought it would be different …


…Well… you know what happen when you assume.

IT was an unaired pilot not an issue 0# of a comic book. It wasn’t aired because the network didn’t like it and made them redo it.

I am not going to spoiler my answers, I’ll just try to keep them non-specific.

I just got this and watched it yesterday. I didn’t expcet huge differences actually, because they don’t usually reshoot entire pilots if they can help it. The biggest difference was the change in radioactive man and the main plot. I tried to watch the commentary to see if the change was talked about but I pushed the wrong button and got no commentary.

The original FBI agent was the same, the red-headed Stacey Haiduk was the first one we saw. The blonde one showed up later.

The Glyph was seen, but it may have been in the deleted scenes.

The thing with Nathan’s mother was in the original series but I don’t remember if it was in the pilot or another episode.

The stuff with Hiro and Ando seemed like it was completely unchanged from the aired episodes. The stuff with Claire was probably also the same.

You also forgot to mention

[SPOILER]Sylar was somewhat different and showed up in Mohinder’s apartment at the end of the episode.

It seems that the major differences were throwing out the terrorist angle and going with the Sylar subplot from the beginning, whereas in the unaired pilot it looks like they were setting that up but saving it for later.[/SPOILER]

Their mother did certainly shoplift socks.(“You can never get enough of them”) It was never quite clear why since this seemed to counter to her personality as seen later.