Herschel Walker was a professional MMA fighter after his Pro Football career?

Odd but true! I never knew.

And, bear in mind that he started his MMA career in his late 40s. :slight_smile: He apparently has a 5th-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

The guy was also an Olympian, competing as the pusher in 2-man bobsled in the '92 Winter Games (his sled finished 7th overall), in the middle of his NFL career.

Just a flat-out athlete.

For all his accomplishments as an elite athlete, I’ll always remember Herschel Walker for the last game he played in college when Georgia (Tech or University?) lost to Penn State for the national title. One of the best football games ever. As one of the TV commentators said, “Give credit to Penn State, give courage to Georgia.”

Walker played at the University of Georgia. (UGa)

Penn State, aka Pedobear University.