He's Back...[George Zimmerman Arrested Again]

George just can’t stay out the spotlight it seems.

Zimmerman Arrested Again

I am shocked, shocked, I say, to find that he may well be an aggressively violent man with anger management issues. And a gun.

Well, it’s more a case of the spotlight following him around, ala OJ and Rodney King. He won’t be able to get a parking ticket without everyone hearing about it for a few years.

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He’s not a very smart man. Obvious, I know, but if I were acquitted of murder/manslaughter I wouldn’t be real keen on pointing a gun at somebody else unless my other choice was dying. How he didn’t learn that lesson after the mess he made the last time is beyond me, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. It will this time, though. If he is convicted on any sort of domestic violence charge he will never, ever be allowed to possess a firearm again. And thank God for that, I’m sick of buffoons like him making gun owners look bad.

I maintain that Zimmerman won’t get through much more of his life without getting dead or embarred. I accept that he’s a media target whose every move is going to be blown out of proportion, but there have been so many incidents and reports that he is clearly someone who does not know (1) not to start confrontations, (2) how to back down from a confrontation and (3) that having a gun in your pocket is not always a winning argument.

Dude’s got serious problems. I swear, one of these days he’s going to kill some- oh, wait…

This is more than a parking ticket.

damn how did he get a girlfriend

it’s kind of sad that she would literally rather be with a murderer than a nice guy

He learned the obvious lesson: that he can stalk & kill people and get away with it.

What he evidently didn’t learn is that rule only applies to certain people that society has decided are fair game. Society has no problem with him stalking & killing random black men, in fact many will and did consider him a hero for doing so; but it does have a problem with him threatening his girlfriend.

They’re going to have a tough time making a movie out of Zimmerman’s life story. The ending happened right at the beginning.

That’s absolutely and unequivocally false. Society does not tolerate the killing of “random black men” and didn’t do so in Zimmerman’s case.

We still don’t know what happened with Martin, but it is becoming more clear that Zimmerman has a problem with his temper. Whether that resulted in crime in regards to Martin will probably never be known. It does point to the idea that had it been Joe Doe, Neighborhood Watchman, it might never have escalated so far.

If she’d shot and killed him, would she then have been able to claim immunity under SYG? Think of the irony of that!

(In)famous men have no trouble getting women (or men, if they’re wired that way) to go out with them. :rolleyes: Look at all the mail Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, etc. have gotten over the years.

As the Fark headline put it;

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Only if she didn’t fire a warning shot.

That’s always my first reaction to hearing something like this too. Same with anyone who got acquitted or got a light sentence for anything serious. Wouldn’t you be careful from now on?? Well, no, most of them wouldn’t. You can’t put yourself in their position because (I, and I assume you) would never be in their position to begin with.

His wife said he feels invincible ever since the verdict. I don’t really trust her, but I don’t find this hard to believe.

It most certainly does tolerate killing random black men*, and it did in Martin’s case. Zimmerman was an armed thug looking for trouble, he stalked Martin and Martin’s death was the result.

*I mean really, don’t you read the news? Cops for example are pretty notorious for killing black people on sight whenever they have even the thinnest excuse. Incidents like that show up in the news regularly. “Stand Your Ground” cases are more likely to result in the killer going without punishment if they kill someone black. And so on. The widespread existence of racial prejudice in America is not news.

I just heard an excerpt from the 911 call. She sounds scared but she also sounds just like Shelli Zimmerman did when she called 911. Let’s hope no more women are stupid enough to think things will be different for them.