He's Back...[George Zimmerman Arrested Again]

Zimmerman didn’t do anything wrong; it was all his girlfriend’s fault! :rolleyes:



I have to give you credit for consistency.

I hope the claim by the girlfriend that she’s pregnant is false. Jeez, that poor baby.

Of course some will. Let’s just hope he gets locked up before he murders someone else. (Even then, he’ll have romantic pen pals.)

Blacks have been treated very poorly and often killed for literally centuries in this country; that’s consistency. I could be dropped by time machine to any random place & time in America’s history, announce that “blacks are mistreated here” and be right.

The whole Zimmerman/Martin case never looked like much more than a reprise of old fashioned lynch mobs. People were pretty open with their reasoning that Martin was black, therefore he must be a criminal, therefore it was OK for Zimmerman to stalk and kill him. One poster here got banned when he started calling black people something like “quasi human thugs” in Zimmerman threads.

Seems believable to me - either:

  1. He got away with murder and he now feels invincible as - well he pretty much killed a guy with no recourse
  2. He was truly innocent and it was in self defense - and now he has probably (literally) millions of fans who thinks he is a hero.

Most sane people with guns don’t put themselves in bad situations like he did.

Let’s see----lynch mobs=90% biggots killing someone who is black.

Zimmerman/Martin case=maybe 60% supporting Zimmerman vs 40% supporting Martin.


I don’t know what the rules are in Great Debates, but in MPSIMS this is considered inflamatory and borderline trolling. Knock off the sweeping generalizations, or take them to another forum (GD or the Pit).

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I’m sure there are supporters out there who think that he’s a good, just man who’s gone insane from being constantly hounded by activists and the liberal media.

And he barricaded himself in his house by piling furniture up against the door before the police showed up in order to protect himself from his crazy, crazy girlfriend.

Probably a damn good chance she is nuts.

Thank you.

Not to rehash the whole Travon thing, but does anyone, who previously believed the uncorroborated allegations in his account of the events that night, think that maybe he was lying?

Even beyond the resisting arrest thing prior to the Martin altercation, we now have to consider the following things:

  1. He was less than forthcoming about the donations he received as the trial began
  2. He is/was being sued by a security company that claims he stiffed them
  3. He seems to have stiffed his lawyer (according to his lawyer)
  4. He seems to have threatened his wife with a gun.
  5. He is arrested and alleged to have threatened his girlfriend with a gun.

Don’t all those things basically make someone completely not credible?

If she’s with George Zimmerman she probably is.

I wonder what sort of reception he’ll receive in jail.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon bomber, for the one reader who might not know) has, to my understanding, a small cadre of people–mostly young, single, white women–who have rallied around him and profess his innocence. These kind of people are strange.

I actually understand that better. The guy had a rather attractive image floating around the media. And these women are mostly at the age where that seems to trump everything else.

These women should know better.

Points 1 through 3 may be completely true, partially true, or completely false, but in any event they’re complete bollocks in terms of how we think about the events of February 26th, 2012.

Points 4 and 5, on the other hand, coupled with the previous arrest and such, suggest at least two things: a) He clearly has anger management issues and b) it very very strongly suggests he’s rather quick to pull out his gun in any sort of confrontation.

Twice now he’s (‘allegedly’) pulled out a gun on unarmed, defenseless women - women he knows! Women he was married to or was dating!

Gee, I wonder if he’d be more or less likely to pull out a gun when following a suspicious-looking, up-to-no-good, punk asshole black man at night in the rain. :rolleyes:

And the gun nuts want us to believe that we’re *safer *with people like George packing heat. Sheesh.

I disagree. Assuming that such accounts are accurate, they demonstrate his willingness to lie, and his lack of trustworthiness. Those things don’t directly relate to any of the facts in the Martin case, but they speak directly to the uncorroborated allegations made by Zimmerman, and whether or not they are credible. Not paying your bills doesn’t make you a murderer, but it does make your word far less credible.

I like to think that Zimmerman, as the only living person who truly knows what went on that rainy night, is subconsciously sabotaging his freedom. Maybe he has a telltale heart driving him to do things that he knows will get him locked up.

We have lots of reasons to have doubts about his story re: the night of the Martin shooting. How he may or may not have diddled his finances & expenses after the shooting ain’t among 'em.