He's Back...[George Zimmerman Arrested Again]

Nah, he’s been on this course his entire life. That he’s had multiple brushes with the law since his trial only underscores what should have been obvious from the get. He is a dangerous person. Always has been and always will be.

May I link to this post in reply to people who post here about having money problems and being unable to pay their bills?

I guess I’m not up on the details of his personal life. Does he have a wife AND a girlfriend? Is he divorced/separated?

At least nobody died this time. Too bad Trayvon didn’t have the good sense like this girl to call 911 when confronted by this maniac.

Don’t know the timing, but she filed for divorce earlier this year, and not too long after that she called 911 on him. Girlfriend is recent, apparently.

How big of an asshole does he have to be for her to want to divorce his ass after standing by him in a friggin’ murder trial? How big of an asshole do you have to be to have your new girlfriend do the same? I mean, New Girlfriend was clearly quite OK with dating someone that killed a man and had recently been in the news for pulling a gun on his not-yet-divorced wife.

Also must be pointed out…how stupid do you have to be to piss off the guy in your house when he’s packing a gun, he’s pointed it at other people in anger before, and he’s actually *shot *someone with it??


Georgie had already called the police, remember? They still didn’t get there in time did they.

As a Zimmerman supporter (at his murder trial, not of the man personally) there was always the possibility he was lying. These latest charges, at least in my mind, strengthen that possibility.

It’s probably why his lawyers didn’t introduce the evidence of Martin’s bad character. In a self-defense criminal trial, evidence of the defendant’s character for peacefulness/hotheadedness is inadmissible UNLESS he firsts introduces character evidence of the victim. After getting the ruling they wanted, the defense still didn’t go after Martin. This latest arrest probably shows why. I’ll bet the state could have called several people who would testify that Zimmerman threw a fit after poor dinner service or some such thing.

But again, I hate to say it again: But all we have is his girlfriend’s word against his. Zimmerman is not guilty in the eyes of the law until he is convicted of domestic violence. He gets to put on a defense to these charges.

His uncorroborated account is not the reason I, and plenty of others, do not believe Martin was murdered.

If you’re asking if I no longer believe the parts of his account that are corroborated by the other evidence - which is more than enough to show he’s not guilty of any crime regarding Martin - then obviously I still do. Zimmerman’s trustworthiness or otherwise has no effect on the other evidence.

Likewise, this case should be judged on the actual evidence, not Zimmerman’s past or personality.

For the record, I think he’s an arsehole. But not a murderer.

I never thought he was particularly truthful.

But his honesty was not the reason that the state’s case tanked. The state’s case failed because they didn’t have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt as to each and every element of the crime of second degree murder. I never claimed that he should be acquitted because he was honest – I always said he should be acquitted because the state failed to adduce sufficient evidence to prove his guilt.

I can see why he barricaded himself in the house. That place was surrounded by deadly, deadly sidewalks.

maybe he wants to expand on the gun manufacturers that he can do endorsements for.

He pulled a gun on someone when his life wasn’t in danger? Shocking.

George Zimmerman is a fictional character created by the Orlando Sentinel to fill slow news days and stave off the inevitable bankruptcy (of the newspaper.) You read it here first.

This made me laugh more than it should have. Thanks, I was having a crappy day.
its funny cuz its true

Zim’s gonna beat OJ back to prison by several years. Go Zim, go!


You’re about 2 years late.

George Zimmerman gave a flatly dishonest and improbable recounting of what happened before, during, and after the conflict. You rejected Zimmerman’s history, which included bullying of colleagues, molestation/rape of his female cousin, his previous charges of spousal abuse and resisting arrest. You combine this with Zimmerman’s cold and unemotional demeanor during the trial, his treatment of his wife, speeding tickets/brushes with the law, unnecessarily rescuing people from burning cars, inability to pay his lawyers, touring of gun factories used to kill unarmed children; this man was lying psychopath that’s desperate for attention and unearned recognition. And, what’s sad is that so many people believed his version of events and still do.

If that’s the case, the “law” just got played by a psychopath.

  • Honesty

None of that has anything to do with the Martin case, or this incident, even if it’s true. I think the speeding ticket part might be…

Zimmerman wasn’t acquitted because he was believable.

I was not a juror, but I’m the number one fact for me was the injury that Zimmerman incurred. Whatever happened on that night, Zimmerman sustained injuries and he shot Trayvon at close range from the front. Did an injured man reasonably fear for his life? The prosecution didn’t make me think otherwise. It’s this relatively narrow set of facts that makes me think the jury still made the right decision.

Now, is Zimmerman still a dishonest, piss-ant, cop wannabe with a Napoleon complex? You betcha. But we don’t convict people of murder just because they’re assholes.

We’ll see where this domestic violence accusation goes. We have two wildly differing stories and the news media aren’t talking about any real evidence yet.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Will they give you a visa to visit him in prison?

It’s not diddling your finances. It’s being clearly complicit in helping your wife commit perjury. It’s agreeing via contract to play multiple people, and failing to do so despite seemingly having the ability to do so. It’s clearly misrepresenting to people who donated to your cause what the money would be used for.

His lawyer, the guy who seemed to genuinely believe Zimmerman was a good guy wrapped up in bad situation, and who likely has a good understanding of Zimmerman’s finances, publicly called him out to pay him. Such a breach of etiquette clearly was a last resort for his lawyer. I would imagine he felt betrayed more than just feeling like he deserved to be paid. This is a guy who put his reputation, safety, and career on the line for this guy. You’d think Zimmerman would have at least communicated enough regarding the bill to avoid making the disagreement a public spat.

As I said, being shitty with money doesn’t make you a murderer, but it (in his case) makes you much less trustworthy in general.

Depends on the context. If someone has lied to me multiple times about something, and has knowingly stiffed people who have stuck their neck out for him, I am going to be reticent to ever rely on their word, or to assume they are honorable or honest. What he is alleged to have done is mighty close to fraud in my book.