George Zimmerman: it just keep[s getting scummier

George Zimmerman is suing the family of Trayvon Martin (and others) for 100 million dollars. Defamation, don’tcha know.

There’s also a movie coming: The Trayvon Hoax.

I assumed he’d just hook up with Casey Anthony and live a quiet life, reminiscing about how they both got away with it.

Meanwhile, O.J. Simpson’s saying “Oh sure, but a black man gets away with just one murder and right away they’re convicting you for some other felony you committed.”

And of course he’s being represented by Larry Klayman.

“In 2012, Klayman filed on behalf of a Florida resident an unsuccessful challenge to Barack Obama’s placement on the primary ballot and claimed the president is not a natural-born citizen as required by the Constitution.”


“In 2013, a citizen grand jury formed by Klayman “indicted” Obama and others of various crimes (including involuntary manslaughter), “convicted” Obama of fraud, and alleged the president forged his birth certificate in order to pass eligibility requirements.”


“On October 13, 2013, during the US government shutdown, Klayman declared at a conservative rally in Washington, D.C. that “This president is not a president of We the People; he’s a president of his people”


“In 2014, Klayman requested that the Department of Homeland Security initiate deportation proceedings against Obama.”

So sayeth Wiki.

I assume (and hope) that the suit is dismissed with prejudice and I further hope he saddled with all court and other legal costs.

It sounds like an attorney-initiated suit. Maybe he could be saddled with some costs too.

I would imagine ol’ George is on welfare, collecting food stamps, trying to get disability. He wouldn’t even be able to get a job scooping up dog poop at a dog park.

This brain-damaged attorney, who has most likely sued his own mother for birth trauma, probably recruited George as a client with dreams of The Emerald City.

Hint to George: change your name to Bubba Z, move to Texas, and become a bounty hunter.

He’s reportedly $2.5 million in debt. Apparently the market for his crappy paintings dried up, and he’s probably sold the murder weapon, as he tried to do years ago.

I don’t have a dog in this fight. But there is alleged circumstances that seems a bit odd.

This information needs to be investigated and discarded if it’s not true. That’s the best way to handle viral conspiracys

Or hunt for feral hogs.

Just because someone makes a claim doesn’t put any obligation on authorities to investigate. Claims are not evidence. Based on the track records of all the people involved here, I suspect there’s no evidence to actually investigate.

Ha! I thought of her too. They could have a terrible child together. Of course, she’d kill it one night when it inconvenienced her social life.

Bubba’s Bodacious Fat-Back Burgers?

By now you’d think ole George would have changed his name and settled into a new life. He had a pretty good clerical job prior to the shooting.

Seems like he’s done nothing with his life since the trial. He’s had several run ins with the law. Totally wasted life.

Did you expect him to win a Nobel Prize or something? Let’s just say, wasting his own life is the least of the damage he caused.

That article is from 2012! It says that he hasn’t worked “since the shooting” which was only a month prior to the date on that article. That doesn’t mean that he still hasn’t worked these past eight years. It’s not like they’re going to update the article when he gets a job.

Does Klayman still have a law license?

More like a piece of right-wing propaganda.

That’s a beautiful sentence.

This lawsuit’s merit (if any) apparently hinges on this curious contention:

In other words, the claim that the person (Rachel Jeantel) who at Zimmerman’s trial claimed to be his girfriend and on the phone with him when he was shot, was actually an imposter, inserted because the real girlfriend wouldn’t testify.

Very strange.

Stranger still is the claim that Brittany Diamond Eugene, Travon’s 16 year old girlfriend who gave the initial phone witness interview, stated she was on the phone with Treyvon right before the incident, but she refused to testify. Rachel Jeantel, who is Diamond Eugene’s two years older half-sister, took the stand claiming to be Diamond Eugene. She said the “Diamond Eugene” is a nickname, and that she lied about being 16 because she thought she’d be afforded privacy if she were a minor. In court, the prosecution submitted as evidence a letter written by Diamond Eugene. When Rachel was asked to read it in court, she said she can’t read cursive.

It’s not that there just so happens to be a random person whose real name is Diamond Eugene. This person is allegedly Rachel Jeantel’s half-sister, and she is the proper age as originally reported (16 at the time). If true, that isn’t just a coincidence. There is an interview with Diamond Eugene in the documentary. I haven’t watched it, but after reading about this lawsuit, the facts as well as the allegations, I really want to see it. I’ve yet to see anything refuting the fact that this Diamond Eugene girl isn’t actually related to Rachel or this incident in anyway. That seems like it should be something easily refuted. Instead, all I’ve seen are claims that the case is baseless because Zimmerman is a douche bag, the “investigative reporter” has made some ridiculous claims in the past, and the lawyer is a right-wing activist.
I have no doubts at all about those claims, but I don’t find them relevant to the actual allegations in this particular lawsuit.
The allegations should be easily refuted with facts, but right now I haven’t seen any. I haven’t seen anything that says, “Rachel doesn’t have a half-sister name Brittany Diamond Eugene. The person in that interview is a liar.” If this girl is who she claims, then this lawsuit should not be dismissed solely because it’s coming from a douche bag, litigated by an asshole, and spurred from the ramblings of a right-wing conspiracy theorist nut job. I want to know if this particular allegation is true. I don’t think it’s relevant what these guys said about Obama. I want to know more about what they’ve alleged in this lawsuit.