Are you Team Trayvon or Team Zimmerman?

C’mon now, no time for rational thinking. You need to take a side and take it now!
What’s it gonna be? Team Trayvon? That poor innocent boy with the bag of goodies and the juice box minding his own business when he was ambushed and shot dead by by the trigger happy racist?
Or are you Team Zimmerman? The guy trying to show a little pride in his neighborhood innocently asking the marijuana smoking gansta wannabe lurking in the shadows who gets sucker punched and ends up on his back fighting for his life?
Well, which one is it going to be?
Whatta ya mean you weren’t there, you don’t know what really went down? Pfft! Don’t you read the internet? Listen to talk radio? Don’t you have facebook and twitter?
Grey area? Say what? No, no, no. Whatta ya mean neither was completely innocent nor completely at fault? Don’t be a fence sitting wishy-washy flip-flopper!! That’s not the American way!!

I leaning towards team Trayvon. For one simple reason. I used to belong to a neighborhood watch program. One of the MAIN things they drill into your head is: “DO NOT INTERACT/ INTERVENE WITH A SUSPICIOUS PERON. Call the cops.”

I could really care less if Trayvon was a wanna be gangster or a perfect little angel. It’s not up to some random jackass to act as judge, jury and executioner. That’s why we have a judicial system.

And don’t even get me started on “Stand you ground law”. Holy fuck!

Wonder which team this guy is on?

Leaning towards Team Trayvon.

I tend to believe that one should be allowed to walk around without being shot at, so this isn’t a tough one for me.

I’m with team “lawyer”. We’re rich bitch! And I got a side bets going with team “sleazy/incompetent journalism”, “knee jerk lawmakers”, “made for TV movie”,“poorly run civil rights movement”, and “crazy gun nutters”. I am going to clean up on this one.

Which side has the best t-shirts?

Travyon’s side has hoodies.

Why are the “S” and the “K” red, while the rest of the text is black? Am I missing something?

I joined Team Trayvon for the skittles.

I cannot imagine who would be team Zimmerman. I will never believe that it was anything more than a wanna be bully cop committing a racist hate crime.
Also, I am expecting more excuses for Zimmerman doing what he did… his hard childhood, how he fell on his head at an early age, his personal pains, his own experiences of racism…whatever.

Team Zimmerman. Somebody still has to defend the accused.

Really I am on the side of Team Justice.

If justice prevails I don’t give a rip whose side wins. If justice takes a back seat to media, I think we are all losers.

That Zimmerman guy is a world record asshole, and anyone who sticks up for him is totally fucked up.

Officially nominated for the Consecutive Posts Irony 2012 award.

Here’s what is apparently Zimmerman’s account of what happened.

Assuming that’s true, it was probably justifiable for him to defend himself with deadly force.

Of course, it’s possible that Zimmerman was lying or exaggerating. But it’s bit early to make that call.

What are the non-Argentinians supposed to do?

Why on earth would I do that?

As a thought experiment to decide whether it’s reasonable at this time to come to a conclusion against Zimmerman.

Or have you already made up your mind that Zimmerman is a liar?

Yeah, actually. I don’t believe for a second that a 140lb kid armed with a bag of skittles beat him up. Call me crazy.

ETA that Zimmerman’s defenders seem determined to disregard the fact that there was no fucking reason on earth for him to bother that kid. If he can’t fend off a 140lb kid WITHOUT a gun, he needs to not harass the kid. If he HAD gotten his face beat in, he’d have deserved it, and the kid still wouldn’t deserve to get shot.

Trayvon. When this whole incident started, Zimmerman was in a vehicle and Trayvon was not. No reason in the world that Zimmerman couldn’t have simply driven away.