He's MAD, I TELL YOU! And he's creating a race of Cow-Human Zombies to destroy us all

And I wasn’t kidding in the thread title, because HERE IS THE LINK to a news story from New Scientist magazine to prove it.

This guy is trying to clone dead people, using human DNA, & cow ovums.

YOINKS! JINKIES! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I wonder if he’d like to buy a Used 1920’s Style Death Ray.

Nah. He’s probably got one of his own.

I saw this movie. DeNiro really phoned it in.

Read the link.

Admit it – you too thought of “The Far Side” when you saw this thread title! :smiley:

Following the advice of my friend Cordwainer Smith, I withhold comment on the story in the OP. :slight_smile:

I did. “Viable embryos have been created from dead people by […] a controversial fertility scientist […] ‘This man preys on the strong desires of the most vulnerable people in society - giving them false hopes,’ says Robin Lovell-Badge.”

Sounds even more like a recent B-grade movie than The Island of Dr. Moreau. :smiley:

How is this different from cloning of the more garden variety, in which the cell donor happens not to have died yet?

It’s harder to exploit living donors to fund your research.

Well, I, for one will be more than glad to welcome our New Cow-Human Zombie Overlords.

Leaving aside the “funding bodies” jokes and there are several, what kind of a bogus argument is this? The research is illegitimate because he can’t get a grant for it? Since when does “ability to fundraise” equal “scientifically valid”? All you scientists in the US who want to work on stem cell lines other than the, what, 11 that Bush allows, hate to break it to you but your research is unjustifiable because you can’t get funding for it in the US.

:::climbs down off soapbox:::

All that being said, the guy is still kind of creepy and we now return you to your regularly scheduled joke thread.

They may already be here. I think I was dating one of them not so long ago.

I fail to see how using cadaver tissue makes it invalid research. Verrain is happy to explain the work of The Wistar Institute and medical research in general with me. IIRC severl important cancer cell lines were taken from cadavers. Alloderm was certainly developed through research with cadaver tissue, considering the fact the product is made from cadaver tissue.

Of course, since I can’t get the link to work, there’s the possibility that the man means corpses which have been dead so long that no viable cells could be extracted. This would be an entirely different matter.

I believe Smith would remind us that Animals are beneath us. But that even the Lords of the Instrumentality are pleased to render honor to the Scanners.

Eat mor chikin!

No, I thought of the illegitimate love child of harmless and PussyCow. :eek:

So, has astro started making plans to raise his mutant army yet? "Cause it looks like we’re going to be needed to overthrow our evil Cow Zombie opressors.

Of course, being the cook, I will be serving in a non-combat capacity. Hmm. I’ll have to take some survivalist cookbooks along. I’ll be needing recipies so I can properly cook the Cow Zombies the soldiers bring back from patrol.

The link no work for me :frowning:

Odd. Worked this AM. :confused:

AH! The Experiment continues!




We prefer the term “Necro-Andro-Bovine Supervisors.”

Get it right, minion, or it’s the sausage grinder for you.

Soylent Green is peeee-pulllll…Uh, I mean…bohhhh-vines!

So is it okay to eat them, then?

No. Cow-Human Zombie Hybrids are high in Trans-Fatty Acids & cholesterol.