Hey Ahnold, get the fuck over yourself

CNN story
Don’t you have a state to run or something?


Why does the fact that he’s a politician (or a movie star) prevent him from asserting his rights as a citizen?

It’s possible that being a public person he has lost some of the rights to his own image, but that’s for the lawyers to deterimine.

If Schwarzenegger were still only an actor, he’d have a case. But once you enter politics and get elected to a public office, doesn’t your image pretty much become public property, subject to use and charicature at will? Or at least, an elected official would look pretty petty trying to stop it.

Reminds me of Gov. G.W. Bush, running for president in 2000, trying to shut down the website www.gwbush.com because it made fun of him. I believe his exact words were “There ought to be limits to freedom.” If you’re going to run for office, you’d better be able to take a joke.

I’d like to hear a lawyers opinion on this case, I find this “public political figure” stuff interesting.

Sorry; make that “caricature”. Why do I keep thinking there’s an h in there?