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What is the vertical equivalent of horizon?

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A vertical.

A plumb line.


Vertices is the plural. The adjective form is vertical.

“zenith” is when the sun is directly overhead. That’s not a line like the horizon is, but still, that’s my suggestion.

Under some circumstances. Here is the definition:

Definition 2 is the one I was using. (Note that vertical can also be a noun.) Plumb is also mentioned.

Whoops, I answered the wrong question.

The “vertical equivalent of the horizon” is a line perpendicular to the plane of the horizon. Mathematically, this is called the normal. In construction, as aseymayo said, it’s a plumb line.

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Just a quibble, Aura, but normal can refer to any line at right angles to another line or plane. It’s just as correct to refer to the horizon as the normal of the vertical.

You are guilty of gravity chauvinism, which we free-floating thinkers abandoned long ago, on our way to the fourth dimension.

Speaking of dimensions, I suppose the third member of our triad of lines (side to side, up and down, front to back) would be the heading or bearing, that is, the line straight ahead of us. Any other thoughts on this?

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Throwing out a couple of ideas to asnwer the “vertical equivalent of horizon.” Normally I’d just put down the right answer (either from knowledge or research) but I’m weary and very sick today.

Right Ascension

Do either of these work?

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(BTW, I spend a lot of time each day writing navigation software.)

Azimuth and right ascension are measures of distance (angular distance) along the horizon. As such I don’t think they meet the criteria of the OP. Corresponding measures along the vertical (didn’t we decide that was the right word?) are altitude and declination. To be precise (and what are we if not precise?) right ascension and declination are equatorial coordinates rather than horizon coordinates, i.e., they refer to angles along and above the celestial equator, rather than the horizon.