Hey! British people! Can't, by LAW, spank your kids anymore?

Well, I didn’t know exactly where to place this subject, so I guessed here would do. I read recently that the Britons may well find their right to physically discipline their own children taken away by law. In short, no spanky spanky.

It’s happened here in the States, to various degrees, but what it all boils down to is that parents are not allowed to paddle their own kids when they don’t listen and schools and teachers are not allowed to use any for of physical discipline at all, even to the extent of taking a kid by the arm to make him stop something.

I was spanked as a child, but never beaten, and I recall how the threat of being spanked was very often much more persuasive in keeping me out of trouble than just being talked to or having restrictions applied. I even recall being warned not to do something again, after I did it, but going back and doing it again and again until my Dad warmed my ass for me. THEN I stopped.

I recall in school antagonizing another kid, who orally warned me to leave him alone and since I felt no pain, I kept on, as kids will, being a pain in the ass to him until he belted me in the mouth. I left him alone after that.

I’m a big fan of spanking as necessary, having watched the piss poor results so many of my friends have had with their kids using ‘time outs’, restrictions, discussions and no spankings at all. I’ve known teenagers to just ignore their folks no matter what they said because Mom and dad never spanked them, forcibly grabbed them and they know very well the limits of the law concerning them.

Restrict the child to the room, and he walks out anyhow. Forbid him to go somewhere and he leaves through the window. Tell him not to hang with some people and he does it. Stop his allowance and he doesn’t care. Have him see a shrink, and he lies and is bored.

Parents who still spank their kids seem to have much better control over them and the kids know that they cannot get their own way all of the time and this seems to actually increase their people skills.

Now, PLEASE pay attention. I said spank, not beat the living shit out of a kid.

So, British folk, what do you think about the law soon to be enacted which will start taking the control of your own children out of your hands?

What? Me worry?’

Do you have a cite (or site)?

Not that I down believe it, but it would aid in the discussion.

Is it in regard to the Children’s Rights Treaty?

I heard that this morning on NPR. They are retaining the “right” to smack with the hand. Apparently though, 8 countries in Europe have outlawed it outright. I never spnked mine with anything but the flat of my hand. Perhaps because my father wore out a belt on me.

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>>Parents who still spank their kids seem to have much better control over
them and the kids know that they cannot get their own way all of the
time and this seems to actually increase their people skills.<<

That is your opinion and I respect that. But from personal experience as a day camp counselor, that is wrong. They were the same kind of kid that you were, you could not say anything to them. Only the threat of pain did anything. THese kids had great parents, but they were the only ones who could control them.

So lets see, spanking made you disrespectful to anyone not bigger or willing to fight you, and a bully. You will HAVE to come up with better than that.

This is only at the discussion stage at the moment. The proposals are to prohibit:
[ul][li]smacking about the head; and[/li][li]beating with a belt, slipper or similar implement.[/ul][/li]
Courts will be asked to decide what constitutes “reasonable chastisement”, taking into account the child’s age and sex, where on the body he or she was hit and what he or she was hit with.

Here is a link to the Department of Health’s consultation document, Protecting Children, Supporting Parents, which sets out the proposals in detail.

The Government’s move follows a case which reached the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). A nine-year-old boy had been beaten by his stepfater with a 3’ pole. The stepfather was found not guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the ground that his actions constituted “reasonable chastisement”, which is permitted unsder British law.

The ECHR found that the behaviour contravened Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, viz:

(The Convention has since been incorporated into British law as the Human Rights Act 1998)

Rainbowcsr’s question seems to be, Do I wish to retain the right to beat children about the head or with some kind of weapon?

The answer is no.

I am all for spankings. WHEN IT IS DONE BY CONSENTING ADULTS. Playing those erotic games on children is just sick.

I agree with TomH. I do not think children ever need to be hit with a belt or about the head. I don’t think they should be hit at all, incidentally (I was never spanked and look how great I turned out :wink: ), but the British law seems to be simply putting some commonsense limits on spanking. I don’t think even those who endorse spanking can really object.

Bit of bally bad luck and all, this law. Must confess that Lady Brimsely-Dell was frightfully upset swhen she first hear the news. And Jaspers, my female butler, poor thing practically had an un-stiff upper lip for a moment. Goodness knows that the Mac Ardle twoins were besides themselves; poor lasses haven’t been so bloody unhappy since they spilled the 24 year old Glenharadnoch (same age they are, the dears).

Well. can’t begin to tell you what a jolly laugh we had when we found out that the law only applied to cHILDREN! It was knickers down all 'round, and squeals of “ooh, I’ve been such a naughty girl” and ever so much corking fun spanking all of the lovelies that I even let them have a bit of a go at MY bum! (Once in blue moon type of thing, though I certainly knew lads at school who fancied being on the receiving ends themselves).




**TomH[/b}, will you stop posting what I’m thinking before I get a chance? You’re making me look stupid(er than I usually do).

I can see no justification for beating children with any instrument, nor for smacking about the head.

Back to the OP - Rainbowscr, you were close but not quite there.

I never touched him, ref, honest!

Bloody curly brackets. I’ll shove that bold text up me arse next time.

I never touched him, ref, honest!

Striking a child hard enough to injure them, even slightly (welts, bruises) is abuse. Well, in my opinion anyway.

That is my main reason for using an instrument other than my hand. I use one of those little wooden paint stirrers you get when you purchase a gallon of paint. It weighs far less than an oz. and make all the requisite smacking noise and provides a pretty good sting. I know, I tested it by smacking myself in the face with it. (my acid test btw, if I can hit myself on the cheek with it, it should be safe through a pair of jeans.

Still only high crimes rate “the ultimate punishment” and the spanking part is really only incedental. The real punishment is having to listen to the hour long lecture about why what was done was so wrong. Then having to go wait in the bedroom until “it’s time”.

This was the same tact taken by my father and I can still remember sitting in my room wishing there was a way to reverse time. So I wouldn’t do what got me into it in the first place. Then that terrible walk to the gallows. Shudder…

All this out of a dread fear of a spanking that, if I recall, wasn’t really all that bad.

As previous Brits above - yes to reasonable chastisement, no to assault.

The only thing I wd add is a “thin end of the wedge” comment, lest we end up afetr all with a “no physical contact” law in 4 or 5 years’ time

Stating the obvious, because I can

“Thin end of the wedge”? What, you’re trying to tell me how I can eat my pizza now? Well, lemme tell you something, buddy, you Brits might have laws requiring you to start eating a slice of pizza at the point, but here in the good ol’ U.S. of A., we have stuffed crust pizza! Which you’re supposed to eat “backwards,” starting with the thick end of the wedge.

Hmph. You Brits probably boil your pizza, too.

My wife and I have four boys. This is what we have decided on this manner. We take some straight from the Bible and some from Dr Dobson.
We use a rod…happens to be a 1.25" dowl about 18" long. We use a rod for two reasons; Bible says to use a rod, and Dr Dobson says the parents hand should be researved for love and not accociated with punishment directly. We refuse to spank in the heat of the moment. We take the child into another room and sit him down. We ask why he is in trouble, we correct the answer if nessasary. Then we spank. We give the child some time alone and then we hug or other wise love the child. Needless to say this entire process takes some time.
We researve spanking for two main reasons or causes. Direct disobedience/Rebellion to known rules. Active involvemtn in a potentially harmful/leathel activity (fork+electical socket)
The latter, yes we want them to associate deadly activities with unpleasent results, I figure the spanking is much less harmful than…oh…Death.

We have been told by several individuals, including the coucilers at camp that our kids obey better than most. I believe its because they understand cause and effect: Newtons first law in a social context.


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To Bucky: I loved your post! Too funny!

To royalbill: What’s the difference between the hand that holds a 1/25" rod and the hand that swiftly smacks a bottom? The only difference is the former is trying to inflict real pain, and the latter is trying to stop a behavior. I can’t even imagine hitting my wonderful children with a 1.25" dowl. If you think your rod-holding-hand is loving, then well, you are really screwed up.
I hope I don’t know you in real life.


ahem… That is 1.25" not 1/25"

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