Hey Brits! We're all dead!

Yes that’s right folks, the sharper among us will have noticed that pubs can serve alcohol until 12pm!!! That’s midnight!!! A whole ONE hour past when they used to stop serving. Obviously according to the Beeb that means we all have to die of alcoholism and antisocial behaviour! What are we going to do!!!
How will the munitions survive when we all turn up pissed to work tomorrow morning??? Aaarghhh!!!

Yes I have taken advantage of drinking past the ungodly hour of 11pm, yes I am a murderer/speeder/asbo’er or whatever I’m branded this week.

I think I need a drink.

Let’s be fair, the Beeb has been at least attempting a balanced view; it’s the Daily Mail that is convinced this is the End! Of! Society! and suchlike. And even that’s not so bad - at least it stops them banging on about the immigrant benefit cheat single muslim paedophile mums and all that shit. Either way, I went out at 8pm with the intention of utilising my newfound freedom, and find myself back at home at 11.30 drinking wife beater from a can because I’ve got to be up at 6 for a wedding in Yorkshire. A brave new world it ain’t, let me tell you. It’s also fucking cold, thus the less than stellar (ha) turnout.

Plus, I’d rather they’d failed to liberalise alcohol licensing, and had instead not been cunts about magic mushrooms. I mean I ask you; unprepared mushrooms, a fucking class A drug!? Equivalent to fucking heroin? You’ve got to be shitting me. Our whole approach to intoxicants is fucked, and it’s particularly tragic that David Cameron took it up the arse for suggesting that maybe (just maybe) ecstasy wasn’t in fact a super-scary dangerous-as-heroin scourge of our society. Fuckmuffins, that’s what I have to say about it all. Fuckmuffins and bumclouds. G’night Britannia, sleep well and don’t throw up on the sofa.

Having the pubs stay open a bit later? : A small shift in social policy.
Being able to get a couple more pints in that time? About eight quid.
Posting about it once you get home and find the Dope? Priceless.

Some things drunken rambling can’t buy.
For everything else, there’s the Pit.

It was reported here that British pubs are now allowed to apply for 24 hour trading licences, but only a relative handful had done so.

Actually, there’s a rather quaint state of affairs here in New South Wales where about ten years ago, it was made easy to be granted a 24 hour licence (as opposed to the old 10am - midnight one), and many pubs and clubs did just that. What has partially killed it wasn’t concern over excessive drinking, but rather gambling. So, the pubs and clubs became obliged to switch off their gaming machines for four hours at a point of their choosing sometime over the 24 hour period.

In practice, gaming is such a money spinner for them that many places just decided to shut completely for the four hours, because the two or three barflies who’d stay if the machines were off wouldn’t even pay the wages.

Umm… isn’t midnight 12AM? What are you, drunk?

Technically, I don’t think midnight is either 12am or 12pm. My understanding is that “am” is defined as the time between midnight and noon (excluding the end points) and “pm” is defined as the time between noon and midnight (excluding the end points). Midnight is just midnight and noon is just noon.

I’ve been saddened by this piece of new. I think foreign countries should be forbidden from abandonning quaint traditions.

Rather irrelevant to the topic:

In 1982, when I was a 15 year old lad, I went to Wales.

I was in a holiday spot. Treardur Bay (I hope I remembered the spelling) on Anglesay. Cool. Well actually cold. In July. The girls were lovely though.

I noticed that all the native Brits of male persuasion of my age, 15, looked like ten-year-olds of the U.S.!

They wanted beer. I wanted beer. My younger brother wanted beer. I went into the local pub, which had outside tables, and ordered about ten pints at a time of some fine bitter ale. Thus began my decline from weak-assed American “beer” to mighty tasty and hoppy brews.

I think it may have helped that I’ve had to shave since I was 14. What’s up with this?

::posting at 12:40 AM Western Standard Time::

Scottish pubs have been able to continue serving past 12 midnight for some time. It’s not Britain, it’s England.

Do you ever go online in the morning with a feeling of absolute dread about what exactly you posted the previous night? I know I have.

My apologies, I assumed it was the whole of the UK. We have had bars get temporary licences to open to midnight, using the same licence as a nightclub, but often the local clubs are against this. Now the licencing has changed from the magistrates to the council (the main reason for the change, 24 hour licencing is a side effect of this) the pubs can officially obtain a 24 hour licence, but most of the landlords I’ve spoken to say they just want an extra hour or two on a Friday/Saturday. In fact, some landlords in rural areas are using this new system as a reason to get out the game and are selling up, the new entertainment laws especially have dramatically increased in price (something like £100 extra to get a band in for a night).

Yep, I’m English, and it’s really annoying coming back home and having to stop drinking by 11 PM when down at the local. Of course, that’s ignoring the possibility of a lock-in :smiley:

But…but…will the barkeep (or whatever you call them over there) still shout out, “time, gentlemen, time!” when it’s time to go?

I love that. Everyone in the bar is three sheets to wind and yet they are still called “gentlemen”. Heh.

shrugs I’ve been to English pubs and I, for one, can’t see why you’d want to keep them open longer, although I do admit I thought people were joking when they first told me when the pubs shut. Pubs and clubs in Reykjavik were required to close at 3:00 until a few years back, but that resulted in every drunken person in town to be thrown out into the streets of downtown Reykjavik at the same time, which resulted in something of a bottleneck… there was actually an American police chief here once, visiting from the U.S., who panicked when he saw downtown Reykjavik at 3:15 on a Sunday morning and had to be calmed down before explaining that riot control would not be needed. We can now drink as long as we want to but I kinda miss the drunken crowds of yesteryear.

And herein lies a sorry tale about the decline of pub culture in New South Wales, as tables and chairs and bar stools and jukeboxes and pool tables make way for the ubiquitous poker machines, and you can hardly get a drink anymore without the constant beeping and clanging and rattling, and pubs are no longer a decent place to sit and have a quiet beer.


Doesn’t Australia have the biggest gambling casinos etc in the world?
I don’t understand it, but it is hardly out of the ordinary.

You can come have a quiet drink with me–we’ll go down to the local tavern here and…oh, wait, we have ask them to turn OFF the jukebox, the widescreen TV, the smaller wall mounted TVs that all on different channels…

And people wonder why I stay home nights. <sigh>

Wanna come back to my place for a nightcap?

Yes, that’s what I head as well. What’s the straight dope on that? I heard that letting the bars stay open all night was supposed to ease the situation wrt fights ensuing as the bars closed. Made a lot of sense to me!!

Sure. The thing is, if i prefer not to be surrounded by noisy, annoying gambling machines i can stay away from those casinos.

But since slot machines in pubs were legalized, many pubs have pulled up or remodelled large areas that used to be devoted to food and drink, and turned them into gambling rooms. Some of my favorite pubs in the inner west, where i used to live, are now little more than a bar and a whole bunch of poker machines. Places that were renowned for a good atmosphere and good live music have turned into little more than smoke-filled gambling houses.

I don’t have anything against gambling per se, i just lament the decline of the pub as a place to go for a relaxing afternoon of evening. Being surrounded by deperate people frantically pumping money into slot machines isn’t what i look for when i want an evening out.

Trouble is, local residents have a lot of power in objecting to the later licences - a 24 hour licence would pretty much only be granted if there was nobody living nearby. The majority of these licences have been given to supermarkets, not pubs or clubs.