Hey Broomstick! ..or shall I call you Beesticker?

Are you the same Broomstick who used to maintain a web page with a bunch of ultralight stories? That was around 1996, or about the same time I developed an interest in flying. I spent the majority of my time on the internet looking for flying stories, pictures, etc.

If it is you, you can go around telling all your friends that your old webpage helped some random 23 year old in Tennessee decide to take flying lessons.

Small world, eh?

Yes, that’s me!

Wanna know something weird? I spend a couple weeks a year in your part of TN visiting with the in-laws, and yes, I do fly while down there.

[disney voices] It’s a small world after all…[/disney voices]

Glad to hear we snared another one - bwa-ha-ha-HA-HA-HA! :smiley:

The other weird thing is that I check this forum about once every two weeks, but just happened to drop in before your post dropped off the first page.

Flying ultralights, or ULs plus other stuff?

And one day I’ll update the webpage :slight_smile:

Nah, just flying spam cans right now, unfortunately.

I started off with Twinstar Gyroplanes at Farringtons in Paducah, KY. But Don Farrington died shortly after my first flight, so I am flying here at MTSU while I work on my aerospace degree.

Haven’t flown an ultralight, but I am thinking of building a small experimental, such as a Rans S-12 or Searey. I think the smaller the plane the better, but I would still like to take a passenger and more than 5 gallons of gas. :wink:

Please do. :slight_smile:

If you fly a RANS be sure to check the tail hinge especially well, and the strut attachments - some of them develop excessive wear quicker than they should. It’s something to watch for.

Sorry to hear the gyroplanes didn’t happen for you.

Anyhow - nothing wrong with spam cans. Flying is flying.