Does anyone here fly a plane?

I’ll swap stories with you. You go first.

I flew a 152 once for about 20 minutes. It was great :slight_smile: And that’s the extent of my story. BUT I’m planning on buying an Ultralight sometime before next summer. I really can’t wait :slight_smile:

-dook the wannabe

Whaddya wanna know?

You guys are nuts!
There’s a reason they don’t make biplanes anymore.
It’s called Amtrak.
When you crash, at least they can send resuers down the same tracks, not copter you out of some canyon.

I flew in the backseat of Blue Angel 8 for a story I was doing. I got to handle the controls for about 2 and a half minutes.

I did three barrel rolls, at the pilot’s urging, and pushed the bird through Mach 1.

To date, it’s the highlight of my military career.