Hey Cecil, how do you pronounce your name?

Is the first syllable like celery (so the name rhymes with “vessel”) or is the first syllable like seahorse (so the name roughly rhymes with “diesel”)? I’ve found resources that say both are correct, [sup]1[/sup] I’ve found sources that say only the latter is correct,[sup]2[/sup] and I’ve found sources that say the former is for surnames and the latter is for given names.[sup]3[/sup] This dispute has arisen before,[sup]4[/sup] and various people have claimed to have heard the Perfect Master speak His name (usually claiming the “SEE” version). There is even legend of a long-lost website FAQ that gave a definitive answer. But I don’t think it can be considered canon until He says so Himself. So what’s the word Cecil?

Your pal,


[sup]1[/sup] Both:

[sup]2[/sup] “See”:

[sup]3[/sup] Surname/given name:

[sup]4[/sup] Old threads:

NOTE: Yes, everyone is aware that there is no such person. No need for [insert Ed Zotti joke here].

He pronounces it See-sil, rhyming with diesel.

Yeah, your name comes up a lot in the above-listed threads, Dex. And while I guess you’re a pretty good resource, you’re no Cecil. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t diesel pronounced deez-ul not dee-sil?

Let’s look at the percentages here.

90%+ of everyone in the world who pronounces their name as SESS-sul is British.

Our SEE-sul is 100% Amurican. Period.

Can you imagine someone like Mike Royko sitting down with some jamoke named SESS-sul for a discussion about life in Chicago? No. It never would have happened.

True enough, but the sad fact is that Cecil rarely posts, and almost never in threads about Himself. I wish it were otherwise, but reality (alas) ain’t easily molded to our wishes.

Not is my dialect - it rhymes.

“hehe. interesting one ^^”.

Cecil Fielder is British?

No, he just likes to throw British people around. :smiley:

Huh? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Must be a dialect form? Could you maybe convince the Great Master to speak his name into a microphone and post the wav file, to solve it once and for all? (Or copy one of his radio appearances into a computer file?)

Yeah where I come from (Texas), “diesel” rhymes with “weasel” and “easel,” and none of those rhyme with “Cecil.”

The best rhyme in my dialect that I can come up with for Cecil is the contraction “lease’ll” for “lease will,” as in “Your lease’ll be up at the end of the month.”

“Diesel” rhymes with “weasel” on the Island of Sodor, too.