Hey, Coldfire, you dirty SOB

I thought you’d like this car. It’s rilly perdy.

Gorgeous Concorde


That has more chrome than a '57 Oldsmobile.
Are you sure you want to polish all that?


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Homer, you scumbag, thanks :wink:

Very thoughtful of you to remember my appreciation of the Fine American Automobile… especially the personalised ones :smiley:

I’m going to take a test drive in the PT Cruiser this weekend. I hope it handles like a European car, because I really like the looks (unlike those of most American cars - sorry :p). Why is it that Americans focus so much on straight line speed & acceleration (not that there’s anything wrong with those!), and so little on cornering ability? The wide open spaces, the straight highways?

Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line. It takes a good driver (and a well balanced car) to corner quickly!

But then again, I don’t get Oval Racing either, and I love Formula One.

Then you must have loved what Hakkinen did
in Spa… Heh heh. :wink:

Not really, being a huge Schumacher fan :wink:

But yeah, that was a pretty decent overtaking manoever. About time too, it was the first classic move I ever saw Hakkinen make…

Nobody likes Hakinnen (unless your Finnish) Its in the Maastricht Treaty, I think

“I had good start. Idwas incredible. Yes, incredible race. Tanks to te team also as well too. I overdook Michael in de chicken.”

No, reaaally? You could have fooled me… :wink:

Granted the man can drive, but he seems so… uptightly German. Hakkinen, OTOH, comes across as a bit slow because of his deadful English.

I have to confess I’m not much of a F1 fan (and since I’m Finnish, it’s a mortal sin), it is mindnumbingly boring most of the time. No overtakes, pit stops and tire changes determine the winner if there is no breakdowns.

But so is football, hockey… hell, most of the spectator sports.

“We had a good race… I’d have won if that worthless swine Couldhart wassnt in de way! Next time de victory shall be mine! We’ll invade Poland!”

  • “Don’t mention the war!”
  • “Well, THEY started it!” :wink:

“Oh, German! I’m sorry, I thought there was something wrong with you. Of course, the Germans!”

Not in a PT Cruiser. That thing is seriously under-powered. And if you think it’s going to handle well, consider this, it’s built on Dodge Neon underpinnings. All that said, I really like the styling and they’re pretty reasonably priced, too.

I think it’s as shiny and pretty as a Christmas tree bulb, or the gazing globe in my garden [she said, showing her exceptionally bad taste].

They quote 9.6 seconds for the 0-100 km/h time… I don’t consider that bad at all, seeing as my current car takes about 13 seconds to do the same. Top is 118 mph which is… 190 km/h. Pretty decent, I’d say. Also, I believe that the story about the Neon floor pan is a myth, and that it has a brand new design. But we’ll see how it goes: as I currently drive one of the best “hot hatches” in Europe in terms of its cornering (Peugeot 306), this Yankee has to be REALLY good to convince me :smiley:

Coldfire, you’ve probably seen this, but here’s the official DaimlerChrysler Pt Crusier website.
If you haven’t seen it, be prepared for a buttload of really annoying flash effects. Frankly, I can only take about 30 seconds of that kind of shit, but buried in there is a pretty good technical description of the suspension and handling characteristics.

Thanks Unc, and I have seen it.

But I’m not a specs guy when it comes to cars. I really don’t care that my Peugeot has a rear axle that countersteers (although it is a little gem in a technological sense), I just like the fact that it makes the car corner well. So I’ll see how the Cruiser does in the real world - besides, I’m at work and our software doesn’t support Flash anyway :wink:

Thanks Homer. I now have all new ideas for my car. The all new Nissan Maxima Eddie Bauer Special Tacky Edition.

Who’s arm did you have to twist to get a test drive Coldfire?

In this area of the states at least, you can’t find a single sample of the PT to test drive. The cars recieved at the dealerships are all pre-sold, and are usually hidden in the rear of the dealership until owner pick-up. :eek:

aenea: I got an INVITATION to drive one. Normal mortals have to make an appointment for 2 months later, but I registered for their mailing list and can just take it for an entire day :smiley: