Hey, Coldfire, you dirty SOB

You Suck!

Sorry, I just had to express that. :smiley:
*Aenea, who is a normal mortal.


Weren’t you the one with the shiny new blue BMW Z3?

Quit yer whining, woman :wink:

I know that getting old is a bitch, but is your memory that bad?

You must be thinking of some other blonde. I personally wouldn’t be caught dead in a Beamer. I drive a Jeep! :wink:

Apparently it IS that bad. Must be another woman here whose name starts with an A. Sorry about the confusion!

Coldy, I think it was Athena who recently bought a Z3. Although aenea would look mighty fine behind the wheel of one.

Why thank you Uncle Beer!

Athena no offence intended, beamers are fine cars, I was just teasing Oldfirea bit.

I like throwing my MGB around the corners until the tires moan…

Why, of course, VB. That’s because it’s a European sports car - they actually tested it on winding race tracks and such instead of shoehorning a V8 12.76 liter Twin Turbo 246 valve engine into a chassis completely incapable of transferring all that power to the tarmac :wink:

(Can you say Corvette? I had the opportunity to drive one once. All it can do is [really fast] traffic light dashes. On a track or winding country road, it gets beaten by the first hot hatch with 1/3 the power.)

Yeah Coldy; and it does that with 40 year old suspension & engine technology…

It’s my fifth one; they’re a blast, and more bang for the buck than many others out there.

They sure are cool. Please tell me you have the chrome bumpers? The rubber ones are SO ugly. Or are there only MGA’s with chrome?

Okay, enough quibbling, Coldy is actually 007: vacations in Mexico one week; test drives purring crotch rocket the next…

Corvettes are basically hyped pieces of crap, but let’s not diss the straight line driving thing. Think it’s easy toolin’ along at warp speed, lookin’ good, lookin’ fine, and hit a damned moose or bison?

On a related note, loved the TV commerical w/ the extremely Teutonic engineers prowling America. Great piece of sly, effective self-parody: blond automotive wonks earnestly learning the roads and collecting cowboy hats, stuffed armadillo(i?), etc. along the way.

Drives like a librarian,

No, currently I have a '79. Rubber bumpered. You get used to it. My past ones have all been the chrome bumpers.

'73 Roadster, 66, 67 and a 68 GT. Introduced in '62, they were chrome up to '74. At the 74.5 point, they went to rubber, courtesy U.S. crash regulations. They also raised the ride height. '74.5 through about '77 were awful, in the power and handling department, but improved for '78 on. The factory at Abingdon closed in October of '80.

If you ever want one, look for a '67 in as good as shape as possible; that was the last and best year for the ‘pure’ MGB. After that, came increasing emmissions control and gussied up interiors.