Hey, Culligan Man! Water Softening...

I have hard water with a pH of 6.0. I need to replace my entire water softening system now that the air pump bottom has rusted out. I need to ask those SDopers on well water:

a) What’s the latest and greatest in water softening technology? My pH balancing tank is sealed so it cannot be recharged - a stupid design. I have heard some tanks have a chute for recharging with lime, perhaps, to balance the pH?

b) Should I consider a charcoal filter immediately downstream of the water softening system for added water quality?

c) How I can I prevent the air tank from rusting out? Why isn’t the air tank downstream of the water softening equipment - which would reduce the rust issue. I WAG that would mean added resistance for the well pump to push through?

d) My water pressure was wimpy anyhow. How can I determine what size tank would give me good water pressure?

e) Finally, my air tank has rusted out. It was probably installed in 1988. Isn’t this crazy? Shouldn’t a water tank be expected NOT to rust? It probably is the source of the rust in our home’s water, too.

Hopefully the SDopers will have some answers…

  • Jinx

P.S. I hear Culligan will get me stuck with only repairs and equipment provided only by Culligan brand. True?