Hey, Dex, good call!

In http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=270526 C. Dexter Haven closed the thread TEMPORARILY in order to clarify how to handle non-worksafe links. Yes, I agree that my link was borderline (Natalie Portman’s upper naughty bits were visible but eensy-weensy in a thumbnail, not that they are much bigger In Real Life rimshot) and I did not make the appropriate warning about work-safety (though “the rule here is that any direct link has to be to a screen that your boss wouldn’t get upset if he/she walked by when you accidentally clicked on it” does not take into account how pleased ones boss would be were he to walk by reading the SDMB :wink: ). But by temporarily closing the thread pending a solution to mildly naughty links that would keep them accessible but not TOO easily accessible showed intelligence and a willingness to compromise. Bravo!

His mom dresses him funny, though.

One of the computer labs which I frequently visit, especially when courses are in session, posted a whole bunch of signs a couple of monthes ago warning people about viewing stuff which would be obviously offensive to others. I forget the exact wording but I had to chuckle. While I think I have a pretty good grasp on what I don’t want to see on my own or someone else’s monitor, I’m not sure it is safe to assume that my guidelines are obvious to the next person. In fact, I think it is safe to assume that there is a substantial amount of variation in what people find objectionable.

A flip-flopper, in other words.

I have, in general, always felt that the mods do a great job.

It was nice to see someone start a thread to acknowlege that.

Guess the sound effect:


Answer: The sound of me knocking Giraffe upside the head.

Damn! I thought it was the “Message For You, Sir” sound!

I’m particularly impressed with his dedication and self-sacrifice in the combat of ignorance: poring over all those linked pictures, looking for the elusive half-visible nipple. A brave man indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You wearing the clogs or the jackboots today, Mr. Sartorial Splendor?


Yeah, I know. If it weren’t for all of us nitwits, modding would be a cushy job indeed.

Probably a kilt if I remember rightly.

Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!

A hard job, but someone needs to do it.

I’ve always said that sometimes procrastination is a very useful strategy.

OK, seriously, I’m gathering opinions from the other mods, so it will be a group decision.

We’ve collectively decided that Dex’ mom does indeed dress him funny. :smiley:

[sub]And clogs, of course, This Year’s Model. Why do you ask?[/sub]

Coldy’s clogs are set so that when you click the heels together twice (the two-click rule), little blue-tipped poisoned-coated knives emerge from the toe.

OK, so the pretty-much unanimous vote of the moderators who participated is that we stick with the two-click rule. That is, any link provided in a post must be to a webpage that is “work-place safe” – if the average boss or co-worker walked by and saw you at that webpage, there wouldn’t be problems. We’re ignoring the question of howcome you’re doing personal stuff at work, anyhow. The idea is that we want a layer of protection against accidentally clicking on a link that causes ripples. We’re not trying to monitor morality, we’re just trying to protect people against inadvertent difficulties.

So, I’ve reopened that thread.

[sub]Whaddya mean, dresses me funny? What’s wrong with lace collars?[/sub]

Nothing at all.

If you’re Phil Spector or Lrd Byron.

I read that as:

The idea is that we want a layer of protection against accidentally licking on on a link that causes nipples.

Two clicks of the heels don’t get him back to Kansas? Somebody oughta call Glinda the Good Shoe Repairer in here right away.

Three clicks to get to Kansas. Sheeesh. Two clicks for the poisoned needle, one click to get to the Straight Dope Web Page.

So the number of the clicking shall be … one? Two? Five?