Hey Diane?

Remember ages ago when you posted about the wacky lady at work who hooked up with an internet boyfriend that was moving in with her, etc. What ever happened with her? I was reading the “Internet Romance” thread in GD and got to wondering. Did they marry? Did it last?
You can e-mail me if you don’t want to post it. Or you can tell me to bugger off :slight_smile:


Bugger off!


I said she could tell me to bugger off!! :wink:

I asked her about it back in June, and she said all was well…

Updates Di?

Whoops! My mistake! :wink:


Ooops, sorry I missed this earlier.

Her daughter has moved back home recently (she moved out within the first month of the marriage) and everything seems okay. She doesn’t really say anything good or bad, but she seems happy.

Thank God everything worked out and the guy wasn’t a pervert or something. I dunno, I still don’t understand the risk she took to find out.