Hey! Didja Know You Can Buy Mad Max's Car?

Well, not the car, but there’s two companies who import the Aussie Falcons which served as the basis of the car in the movie. They also sell the parts you need to make it look just like the car in the film.



As much as I despise Ford’s, if I ever get the money up, I may have to seriously consider getting one.

Don’t forget to get plenty of gas!

Tom Servo: “Well, one good thing about the apocalypse… plenty of parking.” -MST3K (“City Limits”)

Shame on you, Tuckerfan.

You know that that’s no place for an apostrpophe. It’s a plural, not a posessive… unless you laft something out of the sentence. :slight_smile:

Seriously, Tuckerfan, I love the range of links you’ve been posting lately.

I want one, but only if it comes with Mad Max. :smiley:

Thanks. I hope to have a wholloping big surprise in the next couple of days.

Aussie cars are like artifacts from an alternative universe with an almost-America.
I’m tempted to see what your linked companies can find me in a nice old Ute. And as long as the wormhole is opened with the GTO, shouldn’t GM USA be selling an El Camino SS?

last of the V8 interceptors, eh?

Aussie Fords sometimes turn up on Trader Online.


First of all, my car is not for sale. Now that is out of the way, How YOU doin’, MagicEyes? :smiley:

Can I get the whip from “The Passion of the Christ?”

Any idea how much these are going for? You can pick them up pretty cheap down here.


I guess there’s the cost of importing it, left hand drive conversion, etc.

I presume that price is in Aussie dollars which are about half US dollars, IIRC. The prices I’ve seen are about $15K US. So the guys doing the importing are making a hefty profit, if they’re paying $2500 for the car down under.

The exchange rate this afternoon (Thursday 16 June) is roughly AUD$1 = US$0.77

It’s been a while since I checked it, so I’ve no doubt that you’re right.

Out of interest, how much would it cost to convert a car from right to left hand drive?