Hey Doc, can ya take a look at this?

Is it possible to develop a sensitivity to amoxicillin later in life? Just finished up a course of it and suddenly either I got a bad case of winter dry skin itches or, well, I dunno what. Itch and hives all over, not severe but still annoying. The amoxicillin is the only thing I can think of thats especially different right now. Even though I’ve never had a problem with it in the past my eldest has always reacted with hives to it and me and mom could never figure out where that came from, so maybe me?

Uh, for clarification, suddenly means I noticed a small amount of extremely mild itch on Saturday but didn’t think much of it, my antibiotics were finished last night (final dose) and how long does that stuff stay in your system?

IANA doctor, but a real one diagnosed me with developing an allergy to penicillin (the active ingredient in amoxicillin) as an adult. My experience was very similar to yours. I was just finishing up a course of the antibiotic for a sinus infection and developed itchy hives. I’d taken this medicine many times with no side effects. The doctor said it was most likely a newly developed allergy, most likely to the penicillin as that is more common than an allergy to the other ingredients in amoxicillin. My father had a penicillin allergy.

Sinus infection–check
Eldest vaderling is allergic, I thought heritable stuff was supposed to flow the other way…sigh…just what I need, something else to be sensitive to. Well, on the bright side, haven’t had to go to the emergency room for hives interfering with breathing this time.

It has been quite easy to avoid penicillin since my diagnosis – there are plenty of other antibiotics that can be prescribed.

Yes you can develope allergies later in life to penicillin Be careful about taking it again. Your reaction may come on worse and cause breathing difficulties. Tell the doc next time you’re in.

Oh no worries there, I got hives where no man should have 'em and right now skin is so sensitive if I fart too hard it starts a rage of itchies where um, uh no one should itch in public?

Anyway, I got Benny drillin at Castle Vader right now and that seems to be helping a little.

Scratch where it itches
Even if it’s in your britches

Yes, you can develop an allergy later in life. As others have said, make sure your doc knows, and be sure to mention it if you’re ever admitted to a hospital, or go for something outpatient.

Make sure all your doctors know and also inform your loved ones, in case you’re not able to speak up for yourself. Maybe you’re not really allergic. But there are lots of options, but why risk it?

My husband had an allergic reaction as a child. Now “they” say it might have been a false positive. But every doctor says there’s no reason to risk it. So far.

You rang?

I’m sorry, I’m not that kind of doctor.

It could be PCN allergy. But PCN allergy is one of the most frequent incorrect diagnoses out there. Talk to your doc. And a dermatologist could do a skin test to see. My wife had that after 55 years of saying she was allergic to PCN. Turns out she’s not.

I finally got tested a few years ago. At least got a valid test. I’d been tested a couple of times long ago but told not to rely on the results of those tests.

I found out when my throat shut, thankfully I was in hospital at the time =)

Yeah, I read that QtM. I’m not calling it a true allergy, just a sensitivity really. It may well be a one off thing since this is the only time I’ve had a fully body rash like this since I was a teenager and had to go to the ER after eating some chicken. I just figure its the penicillin since thats the only thing really different right now.