Hey, engineers and former engineers and anyone else who can read...

So, lately, I’ve found myself less and less interested in my major (materials engineering). I’m in semester 5 of a 5-year plan (repeated a couple of classes), so since I’m so far into it I don’t want to just drop it without giving it some thought.

Engineering’s cool and interesting and all, but I don’t feel like I get everything as well as I should and I struggle on exams. If I’m fighting to make it through all this theory and such, I wonder how I’d do in the real world. I don’t like feeling like I’m struggling all the time and not really good at it; it’s depressing.

I don’t know what I would change my major to if I did change. If I took a year off school, I might have to move back home, and that’s really not that good of an idea for all involved.

Now, some of my friends and relatives are engineers, and so they have some advice. They keep tell me that if I do choose stick with it, an engineering degree “opens the door to a lot of other opportunities, like management.”

So, tell me. How many of you with an engineering background aren’t employed in a strictly hardcore engineering position? What’s your job, and what are your responsibilities? Any thoughts, advice, or ideas welcomed.