Hey Fans! Post Your Team Woes Here

Goddam Vikings, went 15-1 last year got our hopes all up after who knows how many mediocre seasons then there’s THIS season FUCKING 2-3 now that’s a LOSING RECORD fucking RANDALL CUNNINGHAM throwing the GODDAM BALL like he’s BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON “yeah I’ll throw it 4 feet above Moss’ head what a good idea” losing to the FUCKING GODDAM CHICAGO BEARS AT HOME of all the fucking teams to lose to at home that’s the fucking worst next to losing against the GODDAM PACKERS with 12 FUCKING SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME five turnovers and about 27 fumbles at the Metrodome today…

Can’t wait til next week’s game!

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I feel for ya Torgo, but I just can’t stop a dancin’!!!

::tap-tap tippity-tippity tap tap!::

I root for two teams every week: the Eagles and whoever’s playing the Cowboys!! 13-10!! The Eagles can go 2-14 for the season and as long as they beat the 'boys twice, it’s a winning season in my book.

::a big shit-eating grin spreads across the chief’s face::

Ok, you guys can bitch about how bad your teams play, but how many of you are from Seattle? Our two big sports teams (the Mariners and Seahawks) not only suck dead donkey ass, but they COST US ALMOST ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!! These two hulking masses of bitchery demanded new stadiums… they both got them. Unfortunately, the Mariners staduim was originally voted down, then the ever-so-wise King County Council decided that having a baseball team was vital to the financial health and well being of the county as a whole. So they passed legislation giving the Mariners several hundreds of millions of dollars to build a stadium… then they wenty almost double the original budget bringing the total to over 500million dollars. Now, after a shitty season, Griffey and Rodriguez (both originally demanded a new ballpark, and threatened to leave if they didn’t get it) are threatening to leave if they don’t get more money… buncha fuckin’ babies. I can’t WAIT too see what a fiasco the Seahawks stadium is gonna be- they still have to blow up the kingdome (well, that should be fun anyway :slight_smile: )

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I’m a Giants fan. Giants as in:


We suck donkey dicks. Watch us get humiliated by the Cowboys next Monday night…

Yer pal,

Why is this in the BBQ pit? It belongs in MPSIMS. I’m closing this thread, and if you want to restart it in MPSIMS, you might want to leave some of the vulgarity out.

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