Hey fuckface, it's pronounced NOO-klee-ar, NOO-klee-ar

I’m fucking sick of this shit. “Nuclear” is derived from the word nucleus, if you call it a nuculus, I fucking hate you, and I’d like to hurt you very much. I realize that pronouncing such a complicated word is daunting at the least, but please try.

Thank gawd that “The King’s English” doctrine is no longer in use. Otherwise, we’d all be talking like backward-ass country retards.

New rule: if you are caught saying “NOO-kyu-lar”, “LY-barry”, or “chi-POL-tay burritos”, your healthcare benefits are revoked for life. Let’s just hope you haven’t reproduced yet.

Damnit! Mods please, please move this to the Pit. I’m so sorry. My oversight.

I guess I’m dumb, I can’t figure out how to report my own thread to a Mod. A little help?

I’ve reported you!

Um, and tried to explain the circumstances.

Click the little red triangle with the exclamation mark in it at the upper right hand corner of your post. Then you can axe a mod to move the thread.

You can’t turn yourself in. You have to use email, or axe someone else to sqweel on you.

Thank you. The red exclamation point only appears with posts from members other than myself.

Now my silly, nit-picking rant can be enjoyed in another forum. I’m sure it’ll be a hit!

If word pronunciations get you this wound up.
You have deep problems.
Even I don’t bash duhbya for the way he speaks.

Oh. I guess you’re right. I never noticed that. Never mind.

It’s apeonounced NYOO-klee-ar anyway, ya daft 'merkins. :smiley:

“pronounced” as well. Dangnammbit…

No it isn’t, it’s pronounced N’YOU-klee-ar, and it’s about damn time you goddam merkins started sounding the letter U properly, as YOU not OO. Remember, you ended up agreeing amongst yourselves to speak English, not German.

Bush speaks for our country. He should speak like a literate adult. He happens to be mildly retarded, this is my main reason for thinking that he’s the most incompetent president the US has ever seen.

I hear idiots misuse the English language all the time, it’s only when they happen to be practically leaders of the free world that it really gets to me.

The fact that a kid who has eaten his own poo on multiple occasions has better linguistic skills than the person who basically controls the most powerfull nation in the world, makes me a bit uneasy. At least he wants to help put food on our familys.

Fyuck Yeah!

Dictionary.com gives this as a pronunciation key, notice which one is listed second.

Dictionary.com is American.

Frankly, I’m just happy that we’ll never see a grammar nazi in high office. It’s kindof a self-regulating thing: people who obsess over trivial details in life never really accomplish anything worth caring about.

So am I.

While we are talking pronunciation; for God’s sake people, Iraq is pronounced eh-rahk not eye-rack.

Grammar nazi? Like someone who gets pissed when you should have said whom and you said who? I guess grade-school level pronunciation enforcement is a bit elitist.

You’re right though, people who accomplish things worth caring about never sweat the small stuff, like speaking correctly.

I bet I could name 50 people that have made a real difference in the world that lacked basic linguistic skills. I seem to be drawing a blank though. Maybe you could start me off with the top 25 poorly worded, or mis-spelled pieces of wisdom that our worthy predecessors have left us to contemplate.