Hey, fuckface!

You turd-eating asswipe…when you let your miniature doberman jump and bark at the knee-level glass cages that contain a dozen parakeets now frantically fluttering around the enclosure…expect someone to say something. And when I say, “You know, they may not like that”, don’t roll your eyes at me and mutter, “What do you know, maybe they do…and anyway, I don’t really care.”
I do know, as a matter of fact! It’s fucking blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain cell rattling around…loud shrieking, feathers flying around and birds jumping on top of each other to get as far away from the giant predator with its teeth bared and barking is pretty obvious. Never mind the 20-odd years of bird ownership I’ve had and the resulting behavioural insight.
Are you on crack? Are you really that moronic?

I hope Ving Rhames’ bull mastiffs find your tiny pecker of a dog, gobble it up and shit it out onto your bald head, you inhumane freak.

context please? store? (that allows dogs) ?? private home??? (you invite a jerk inside?) other???

I assumed pet store. Yeah, people are morons, don’t get me started.

Not the dog’s fault. Maybe we could just wish that Rhames’ Filas could cut straight to the chase and take a simple kibble-based dump on Fuckface’s bald head, instead? Or maybe we could feed them a few extra beans, and maybe some asparagus, first, to make for that extra-special aroma, to go along with the warm, steaming pile?

Yeaeh, that sounds nice - just about what Mr. Fuckface would enjoy.

Why are the parakeets so close to the floor? They would rather be up higher, I think; not just so they feel safer, but they are safer (from dogs of all sizes and little prying fingers!)

No, just apathetic. Did you miss the “anyway, I really don’t care” part?

I don’t know about smaller pet stores, but PetCo and PetSmart, two of the national chains, allow patrons to bring their pets into the store. Properly leashed or restrained of course. The pets, that is. The people are another matter. :smiley:

nitpicky whinePinscher, not miniature Doberman. Pinschers came first./nitpicky whine

I really don’t like it when people seem to find it unnecessary to control their animals. I understand that you need to take your dog with you into the pet store if you’re buying a collar or maybe trying to find a treat for your dog that she’ll actually eat. However, common courtesy would dictate that you keep the animal close at hand and leashed, and under control. This especially applies to stores which stock animals as well as supplies. Years ago, I was in a pet supply store with Bea, then just an eight-month-old puppy, and a middle-aged woman carrying her Bichon Frisé walked in and se the dog, unleashed, on the floor. The Bichon let out this primeval growl-roar which would have been even more impressive had it come from something slightly less poofy-looking, and launched itself directly at my dog’s throat. Bea was trying to retreat to safety behind my legs and I was trying to keep the snapping, snarling minibeast away from her. The store owner was yelling at the woman to control her animal; the woman dismissed these requests with “Oh, she’s just playful”. Meanwhile, the Bichon was now attempting to attach itself to the skin between my thumb and forefinger. Playful indeed. I know a play bite, and this, my friends, was not a play bite.

Kids are sometimes even worse, though. With dogs, you can kind of understand the instinctive “SMALL! FLUFFY! PREY! MUST EAT!”, but I’ve run across a 10-year-old banging guinea pig cages with both hands even when told repeatedly to stop it, while the panicked animals huddled in one corner.

Sorry I forgot. Yes, it was a PetSmart. I’d seen the imbecile earlier in the store, talking to an employee and weighing the dog. So I assume it was here for a check-up, as I know they do vaccinations.
No leash, no harness, no muzzle. It didn’t look young. After I spoke up, the dipshit had a hard time grabbing the dog because it was so excited by the birds. It took him several tries to grab the collar.
There was an employee not 4 feet away who could not have missed the situation, but he was elbows deep into the lizard cages. I’m not sure he could have done anything, were he so inclined.

It’s just the whole attitude of “they’re just dumb birds, they don’t care, my dog is better” that enrages me. I’m fighting an uphill battle getting average Joes to understand that birds are not vacant, or worthless, or unintelligent.


Um, yeah, he could have said, “Excuse me, PetSmart policy is no pets in the store without a leash, so I’ll have to ask you to either put a leash on your dog, or else leave the store.”

And, you could have done something, had you been so inclined. :wink:

Here’s what I would have done: Made A Scene. Yes, I know, we Good Little Girls have been taught never to Make A Scene in public, but if it involves the mistreatment of animals, then we scrap the rule book, roll up our sleeves, and wade in.

In clear, carrying voice, I’d have said to the employee, “Excuse me, this dog is frightening these birds…” and I’d have included a pointed look and an all-inclusive gesture towards the situation.

And if the employee gave any response other than a direct order to the stupe to get his dog out of the store or else buy a collar and leash, then I’d have continued, in the same clear, carrying voice, “I’d like to speak to a manager, please,” and I’d have made sure my voice went up just a tiny bit on the word “manager”, for emphasis, see. And I’d have kept saying that to the employee, raising my voice in one-decibel increments, until a manager magically appeared.

And when the manager appeared, I’d have said in the same clear, carrying voice, “This person over here brought in his dog without a collar or leash, and was allowing his dog to jump on the parakeet tank and frighten them, and this employee over here did absolutely nothing to stop him when I asked him, plus he doesn’t seem to have noticed that this dog is in the store with no collar and leash, I thought that was PetSmart’s policy. And by the way, why are the parakeets down at floor level, where they can be stressed by every movement? They’re supposed to be up high…” Which is true.

Anyway, you Make A Scene, and hopefully you will have made the world a better place when it’s over, although you will also have embarassed your mother. But hey, Gandhi and Mandela went to jail, so if that’s all you have to deal with… :smiley:

Doggies want meat! Let 'em chew off one or more of Fuckface’s appendages, then perform the poop de grace.

I was loud. I was firm. I could have more of a scene, but he really didn’t give a fuck.
I honestly didn’t think of asking the manager to move the birds. If the parakeets are moved up, another bird will be moved down. None of them are safe.

Just so you know… This gave me a laugh I sorely needed. Thanks!

Hey, some mothers would be proud of Making a Scene for a Good Cause. :slight_smile:

What difference does it make? Even if the pet and supply store does allow dogs you’re expected to have the common sense not to let your dog frighten the birds. They’re highly strung and may not recover from the stress of even failed attacks or threats.

Must have been buying some swag for the new kitty. :smiley:

After having met you I just cannot picture all of that coming from you. It’s always the quiet ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only wish I’d had the guts to say it to his face. :frowning:

Yes, the kitty has lots of new toy goodness. And a giant 7-level kitty home on the way! I’ll send a full update shortly.

No leash? And nobody noticed?

We take our dogs to the pet store all the time, but always leashed and under control. If they ever made a scene they’d be out of there in not time flat. I don’t remember seeing a policy, but it just makes sense. The guy was a moron even before the dog barked. What if he decided to take a bite of a treat on a low shelf. (I mean the dog, I think.)

And I have experience in taking our guide dog puppies into lots of stores. If you can’t control them, don’t bring them.

He is a fuckface.