No more dogs in Petsmart

That will be the natural consequence of this idiots lawsuit.

For those of you who have never shopped at Petsmart, they sell (obviously) pet supplies…with a nice selection. What’s also nice (for petowners) is that you can bring your leashed dog into the store while you shop. The number of stores that we can do that is of course (as it should be) quite small.

It should be quite obvious what could happen with dogs on tiled floors.

There is signage on all Petsmarts that leashed dogs are allowed. Ms. Jenkins, according to the story, had shopped there quite often (once a week for 6 years)…so knew what the store policy was.

IOW…the dog could have pooped a minute prior to her walking down the aisle.

The lawsuit was originally tossed by the Boone Circuit Court.

On appeal, the Kentucky Court of Appeals said she deserves a jury trial.

Your tax dollars…hard at work for this moron to get her day in court?

Regardless of the outcome…dollars to donuts says that Petsmart will feel compelled to cover their asses (yeah yeah I see the pun) on this one and forbid folks from bringing their dogs to a frickin pet store.

May the dogs in Kentucky all have some karmic insight and whizz on Ms Jenkins suede boots from this day forward.


I thought this was going to be about the “dog slobber” case. You mean there are two of them? Oog. :rolleyes:

Maybe it’s time for Petsmart to start rethinking their “take Doggie shopping” policy?

Oh ferchristsakes. This really pisses me off. Why in the hell is it that every time some dumbass gets hurt, it has to be someone elses fault. With all of the animals in Petsmart, you have to assume that an occasional accident may happen. And slobber is a natural by-product of some breeds.

Frankly, my dog is cleaner and more well-mannered than many children I see. I vote we don’t allow children in public anymore. :rolleyes:

It wouldn’t be the first time a dog shat or flung hideous dog spittle in a Petsmart and it won’t be the last I’m sure. I worked for Petsmart for a very brief period and every day I probably spent at least an hour to two hours out of my shift (throughout the day)cleaning up dog shit,piss,drool and what not. The Petsmart employees DO try and clean up the mess as soon as possible but it’s hard sometimes to get to it if it’s a busy day or there are a few customers vying for your attention.
I’m with you on this one though.I bet from here on out,dogs will not be allowed in Petsmart except if you are taking them to puppy preschool or obedience classes.I doubt that this will cause them to cancel the obedience classes though,because obedience is big business to them and they make a LOT of money off of it.


Having been in retail myself for a few years and because I have seen on more than one occasion exactly how destructive even the tiniest doggie can be, I always thought it was a bad idea to allow any kind of pet into any kind of store, especially one in which numerous toys , treats, and other temptations are out in the open. If nothing else, said treats, etc., may be easily devoured by said pet much to the dismay and cost to the human shopper.
This woman is a real asshole, there’s no doubt about that, but the store’s original policy is highly flawed, and as far as I’m concerned they deserve to be in this particular mess (unintentional pun, really).

Well, said treats are usually packaged up, and only a pretty neglectful owner could fail to notice the dog trying to get through the packaging. Personally, I think PetSmart’s policy is a great one. I can take Dolly in, fit her for a new collar or harness, let her pick out her own toys, and get her used to being around strange people.

By Mona’s logic, children shouldn’t be allowed in Walmart. I mean, there’s all those toys, and boxes of cookies and other temptations, and even a little kid can be destructive or make a mess.

If they permit dogs, they will earn revenue that otherwise may have gone to other stores. As long as this exceeds what they lose in negligence actions, they may continue to permit dogs.

Muffin, there’s no may have gone to other stores about it. Petsmart doesn’t carry anything you can’t find at a major discount chain, pet store, or in a catalogue (except for the animals, of course), and they’re often massively overpriced. The only reason I ever buy anything there is because they allow dogs to come in. Otherwise, I’d go somewhere less expensive, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Besides, if they ban dogs, they’ll have to either get rid of their adoption centers, vet clinics, and grooming departments or renovate all their stores to allow those areas to have a seperate entrance. Given their typical layout, that’s just not feasible.

Assurance of the absence of dogshit on the floor increases my likelihood of shopping at any store. Especially if it’s a store I might find myself lugging a 25 kilo bag of cat litter through the aisles.

What if a piece of merchandise had fallen off the shelf and she tripped over it?

I’m so fucking sick of these lawsuits. I was walking down the sidewalk the other day and twisted my ankle in a large, overlooked pothole. Is the city of Amherst, Massachusetts responsible? Hell no!

There’s seriously no substitute for keeping your eyes open and WATCHING WHERE YOU WALK.

Is Ms. Jenkins olfactory impaired? On my weekly poo-disposal patrols of the back yard, I’m constantly reminded that doggie poo stinks. And take utmost precautions against stepping in it.

Please don’t slam me dog lovers, but what’s the purpose in bringing a dog into the store with you? Do you have your dog test-taste food? Does he try out the toys you’re going to buy for him? What does he do when he’s in the store with you, other than pant and wag his tail and sniff crotches?

I’m really curious. I have two cats and even if they weren’t agarophobic, I would never take them to the store with me.

monstro, I can answer your question in one word: socialization.

I’ll give it a few more words, though. Dogs are extremely social animals, and there are so few places that they can be taken in public these days. Petsmart and places like it are one of the few places in suburbia where you can take your dog to interact with strangers and others dogs, and this is really invaluable in getting your dog to behave in new situations. It’s really hard to get my dog to behave himself and act civilized if he never interacts with anyone new.

Plus, it’s fun.

“By Mona’s logic, children shouldn’t be allowed in Walmart. I mean, there’s all those toys, and boxes of cookies and other temptations, and even a little kid can be destructive or make a mess.”

(sorry, I don’t know how to quote on this baord yet)
It wouldn’t hurt my feelings not to see little bratty kids in Wal-mart. I’m a get in and get out shopper and kids are obstacles.

On the topic, It’s really a question of liabiltiy. The store is liable if someone walking through steps in a gob of shit and falls. Damned right!

The whole idea of bringing your pet to the store is whats wrong with this country. They’re ANIMALS. Leave them at home. Make play dates for them if you’re worried about their social skills.

I have a dog too but I definitely don’t shop at a place where some animal’s gonna try to sniff my ass while I’m shopping.

Got it. I was replying in that little box down bottom.:wink:

Which makes me think that you’re the type of customer (unlike Ms Jenkins) who would proactively make a choice not to shop at a store like Petsmart that has a policy of allowing leashed dogs…a policy that many dog owners do apprently appreciate.

Unless…umm, you’re trying to tell pet owners and pet stores what to do… :rolleyes:

No, I’m not. I just think they should be liable just like they would be if a fishtank leaked onto the floor and caused danger. Thats why people carry liabilty insurance.

Well of course, a leaking fishtank is not automatically a case of negligence which is what the lawsuit is about.

I’ve only been to a Petsmart twice, both times with my wife and our dog. It was a gas.
Shopping, even for humans, is a social experience. Dogs are as social as an animal gets, and they love, as far as I can tell, roaming down the aisles of a Petsmart with their owners and meeting all the new dogs.
If you don’t like this and aren’t prepared for the occasional mishap, no one is forcing you to go there.
Sidebar: if you’re an owner and your dog leaves a little something behind, at least have the courtesy to tell the store employees about it and its location.
Further sidebar: I once spoke to a recent immigrant about his first impressions of the USA. One of the stories that popped into his head was a wife suing the husband for tripping on the sidewalk of their own home. Sounds like a UL, but it does show the absurd levels to which we’ve taken this litigation stuff.

Maybe instead of banning pets, Petsmart should require dogs to wear those pet panty things they sell for menustrating bitches.