Hey! GingerOfTheNorth!

You know, pluto, if those ladies are giving you too much trouble, I’d be willing to step up and…help out :smiley:

Sounds like a deal. Ohh thinksnow… I happen to be able to see snow from my window, rightnow!

You can trash my house.
You can kick my dog.
You can smash my Monkees albums.

She is DEMETER, and she’s the reason thinksnow even has snow to think about! You think she’ll have any trouble whuppin’ your sorry behind? I don’t think so, Mr. Man! You may have tricked me into eating those pomegranate seeds, but my mother is SO tough, she will make you beg to eat your own testicles raw, and she’ll make you like it!

Now go clean up after that freakish dog, would you? I think that thing has three sets of intestines as well as three heads. Damn, that beast makes a mess.

Psst, pluto, see if you can slip some more pomegranate seeds into your wife’s food. I’d like longer winters, if possible. It keeps the bugs down.

I can’t believe this.

It starts out being all about me and has degenerated into a squabble betwixt the lord and lady of the underworld. Then pluto tries to trade the boss-lady in for some of me, then thinksnow tries to rescue him; Demeter’s gonna have some fun with the old man’s testicles, and now LNO wants snow.

Let’s see…

Oh! I know! Let’s get back to ME!

So…Ginger, what’re you wearing?

-**ts**[sub]who is virtually nekked...and waiting[/sub]

Uh… oh crap.

I am actually wearing, at the moment, something I wouldn’t care to describe.

Hey, you don’t have to describe it, fur Pete’s sake. Just turn on that netcam … you know, the one you bought after you clicked on that damned X-10 popunder window …

He started it! Nyah! :wink:

Don’t make me turn you over my knee!

Oh wait, I think that’s Arden’s job.