Hey, idiot members of Congressional Black Caucus, you're not helping

No kidding, think of the ensuing drama!

. . . I’ve seen that caveat before and I just don’t get it. Board wars are fun! Especially with mentally unarmed enemies! :smiley:

No, no, I think the race element is accurate. Just like when Democrats held a vote to hold a white president’s white officials in contempt, the Congressional White Caucus–excuse me, I mean the Republicans–walked out in an effort to protect their fellow white men. It’s so obvious.

The Black Caucus walking out wonder appear to be motivated on racial lines.

Racists like the Congressional Black Caucus?

My, my, BigAppleBucky, what [del]colorful[/del] exotic websites you do find in your online peregrinations!

Maybe its sarcasm, maybe they are just playing “lets pretend we are knuckle-walking, brain dead troglodytes and see if we can fool anyone!” I’m going with that. Not going there myself, I can make up my own jokes.

Maybe the webmaster is David Allan Coe.

He knows.

Wow, what an awful website.

The poster named “ghetto lobster” has an adorable avatar pic, though.

Like Flat Earth Society, I can’t quite determine whether that is real or if Poe’s Law is haunting me.

I believe the term is “concern trolling,” the essence of which is ‘if only my opponents were more like me, then they’d have more cred and political success.’

Oh, by the way, it wasn’t just the CBC walking out. Who knew Nancy Pelosi was an anti-white racist?

I am very glad.

What that guy said. I’ve also broken the links to the other board. Talk about 'em if you want, but try to avoid actively drawing them over here.

She decided to join them just before the vote. She said so in her speech.

The members of the Congressional Black Caucus ARE RACISTS, they are also beggars, tax-cheats, and treasury thieves. :eek: If they hadn’t been elected they would be fleecsing the flock of some made-up African-Baptist-Extraterrestrial Holiness Tabernacle and Bingo Parlor. You will not find bigger hyppocrites in politics as the CBC.

If I were elected to Congress and started the Congressional Caucasian Caucus, I would be accussed by EVERYONE in politics and mediawhoredom of being a Nazi-Racist-Baby-Killer-SOB :smack:(which I am Not).

As far as I know, the black members of Congress that belong to the GOP stay away from the CBC.

Outside of Alan West (R-Batshit), who else are we talking about here?

Reposted without comment.

Your point, other than your index finger?

I do invite you to check my bio.:slight_smile:

If you look at this picture and see it as a funny photo-shopped pic, yuo are normal.
If you get offended by it because you think someone is making fun of Michell Obama, you’re an idiot
BTW, that gorilla has a nice rack, but a butt-ugly mug.