Hey, idiot members of Congressional Black Caucus, you're not helping

Evidently, the Congressional Black Caucus has plans to walk off the floor during the Holder contempt vote.

Way to go, guys. Because the only explanation for the AG being held in contempt is because he’s black. You know, you fucking dolts, you know Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society, the speech by a man you profess to hold in the highest respect, it’s not possible as a reality if you assume race to be a factor, never mind the major factor. The more you play the race card, the more you divide us over race. The more you do so when it’s not called for, you make yourselves look like the racists you are.

You really are dumb. If you think the vote is partisan and wrong, try to organize a walkout that isn’t so obviously racist. And the way to do that was to leave the moniker of "The Congressional Black Caucus out of it. Register your displeasure not as a black congressman, but as a congressman.

So, you dumb racist bastards, I pit thee.

Your side of the aisle is full of racists. Just thought you should know.

Can you point me to where any of them have stated that they think that Holder’s race has anything to do with it?

Otherwise, it’s only you who is assuming that everything they do must be race related. Why do you think that?

The niggermania site says so.
http : // n i ggermania.net/forum/showthread.php?36368-Sharpton-Blames-Holder-Contempt-Charge-On-Racism

Racism isn’t exactly dead yet.

HFS, i had no idea that site existed. I cant believe that is in my browser history now. I expected that to be a joke. Shit wow


I love the first post in the link


I need to take a shower & bring my computer with me after clicking on that link.

And I bet all the posters THERE know a site they think is just way too racist, even for them.

And so forth.

Human idiocy knows no bounds, does it?

Riiight. Because the last remnant of racism in this country is the Congressional Black Caucus. If only they would stop pretending racism against black people still exists. Then we’d have a colorblind society.

If King were still alive, and in Congress (he’d be 83 now, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near a record), and a member of the CBC (which he would be), he’d be walking out with them, and you fucking know it.

You stole the words right from my thoughts. Wow. Just… wow.

How pathetic. It’s just a bunch of mouth-breathers flocked together so they can all say "Nigger!" as many times as possible and no one raises an eyebrow. :rolleyes:

Whatever anyone does, don’t provoke a board war over there.

In fact, when linking to sites like that (if even necessary in the first place), it’s probably a good idea to break the link by at least removing the “http://” (and “www.” if applicable) so that people are forced to cut and paste it into their browsers. That way, the operators of the site can’t easily see that all these new visitors are coming directly from the SDMB through the referrer-URL, and possibly decide to come over here or send others in this direction.

God, no, it’s like a giant abcess. Nobody poke at it.

“Thee” is singular.

Yeah, then we might get some racists posting here.

Damn. I was on the verge of agreeing with **magellan01 **about something, until I clicked the link and saw no mention of Holder’s race.

Crisis averted!

Do you believe it is a Party thing? Sometimes lines of Race and Party are similar.

I blame . . . oh, let’s see . . . the Jews, yeah, the Jews.

Ha! I’m saying, right? For anyone who is too lazy to click on links, like I usually am, an excerpt:

Washington (CNN) - Dismissing a vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress as a “political stunt,” a group of House Democrats, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, is planning to walk out of the House chamber on Thursday and boycott the vote.

The move mirrors a similar walk out by House Republicans in 2008 when Democrats, who then controlled the House, held a vote to hold two top Bush Administration officials in contempt of Congress.

In a letter to House members that is still being circulated for signatures, the Democrats opposed to voting on the GOP-sponsored resolutions state, “Contempt power should be used sparingly, carefully and only in the most egregious situations. The Republican Leadership has articulated no legislative purpose for pursuing this course of action. For these reasons we cannot and will not participate in a vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt.”

So stupid racist baiter makes stupid race baiting post. I am shocked!