"I'm not a racist! I voted for Herman Cain!"

I can see it now. The old defense against being accused a racist was once, “I’m not a racist, I have a black friend!” Soon it will be, “I’m not a racist, I voted for Herman Cain!”


Take for example my father. He constantly makes racist comments. “She’s hot… for a black woman,” or, “I’ll be the first to say it, he’s not a bad spic.” He owns a small business and employs people of every race, too! ZOMG! This means he’s not a racist!!!** No**, no it does not.

Every once in a while, some member of a minority comes around and impresses my racist fucktard of a dad and he decides that they are somehow worthy of some back-handed praise. He doesn’t even realize how awful it is when he says something like, “he’s not bad for a sand nigger!” He is truly laying on the praise, in his mind.

Enter Herman Cain. Here is a very conservative black man running for president, who actually stands a chance at getting some racist support? Why? Because in their minds, Cain is “one of the good ones.” And as an extra bonus, it provides some bullshit defense whenever they are accused of racism. Guess what? It’s still possible to be bigoted and have negative overall views of a particular race and still vote for Cain. But to them, they think, “Hey if I support Herman Cain, that proves I’m not a racist!”

Go back inside your white picket fence, with your white spouse and your white children and just sit on your white couch until you die.

P.S. - There are many reasons to like and dislike Cain and I am not saying that everyone who supports him is a racist looking for cover. You can support Cain for many reasons and not be a racist, and therefore, I am not addressing you.

I don’t get it. Are you pissed at your dad, or are you Pitting some hypothetical person who might, in the future, make that claim? If the latter, this is really lame. Don’t get me wrong, though, some of my best friends are handicapped!

Your dad sounds awesome.

Not all racists have white couches.

That’s nothing. I would have voted for a handicapped man for president if I had been born by 1926! Wait, 1923, I guess.

Damn! I guess the whole point of my thread is ruined now :wink:

:smack: Do you hate gays too? If so, you guys should hang out.

Can it be both?

Also, I believe I addressed the second part of your question with my opening line, “I can see it now.” As in, yes, I am predicting the oncoming defense against an accusation of racism. Obviously nobody has voted for him yet, but there is plenty of chatter going on that because the Tea Party is warming up to him, this somehow proves that they aren’t racist.

Some have plaid ones, it’s true.

Herman Cain soooo wishes he was white. When a black man runs for office and has the lone black man in his campaign ad portrayed as the “bad guy”, something is wrong.

OK. I have little patience for people Pitting others for something they might do in the future, but given the existence of Bricker’s thread in GD, I’ll give you a pass. :slight_smile:

Your OP has been pretty jaded by your relationship with your dad…maybe people will vote for Herman Cain because he’s not getting sucked into the religious black hole that half of the candidates are already in. IMHO, the majority of racists out there are going to vote white no matter how nuttier the white candidates are…stick with ripping those guys.

Dad was a good example, the one I’ve had the most experience with, but by no means is he the only example I’ve heard in my life of a racist accepting and in someway supporting a member of another race they detest, are afraid of, etc.

And I agree that there are other reasons for supporting Cain. The really hardcore racists are always going to vote white, or not vote at all, I’ll give you that. But those people are really few and far between these days. There are a lot of racists today who are supporting Cain because he is “one of the good ones” though.

If I saw a bunch of people online shouting about how they would never vote for Cain because he’s black, then I’d certainly pit them. I’m just not seeing that.

Zing!! I wish I had thought of that :mad:

Yeah, but “Go back inside your white picket fence, with your white spouse and your white children and just sit on your white, or possibly plaid, couch until you die” doesn’t have the same ring.

Seriously now, I think we can all agree that supporting Herman Cain doesn’t absolve you of racism. Except Bricker.

Sweet! Predictive Pit threads of demonizing entire groups of people who may or may not exist about possible events that may or may not happen some time in the near or far future or parallel universe are now de rigeur.
Fuck those cheese eating human-ist surrender monkeys who caved to the Ant Overlords of Formicidae-B in the 2512 Battle for Hill House at Honey Mountain. You can take our picnics, but you’ll never take our freedom.

I admit it, it’s a fair criticism. I didn’t cite any online examples of people claiming that supporting Cain proves they aren’t racist. I didn’t link to any other posts or articles, and for that, I am sorry…

I totally LOL’d at your sarcastic pitting too :smiley:

Spot on. A much more intelligent OP than what the biggest asshole of the SDMB put in GD.

“I am not a strawman conjurer! I post on the SDMB where cogent argument is respected!”

I have no intention of voting for him, so I must be a racist.



We already knew that.

I actually do have a plaid couch, even. Now I need one of those little plaster jockeys for the front yard.