Hey, idiotboy!

I think your band is really great. I’ve been trying to avoid doing work for the past hour and tooling around on the webpages in peoples’ sigs. And wow! I downloaded three of your songs, and I just thought they were fantastic. I just bought your CD, too. You guys rule!
But one question–why 7 guys, but only 13 nipples?

thinks Hmmmm… I don’t have a band…

I am also lucky enough to have in my possesion a copy of the JerkwaterJive debut CD.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

It ROCKS! [sub]NOT a paid endorsement.[/sub]

You folks should see them live.

ThisYearsGirl - Well, thank you! I’m, like, speechless…

<Bartles & James>
We appreciate your support!


Whammo - You’re slackin’…It’s well worth the free beer! :smiley:

smug - Ahhh yes. Canada loves us! :smiley:

And like thinksnow said…the recordings pale in comparison to our energetic live shows. We have an archived webcast of a show from November that you may experience on Digital Club Networks. Just go there, click “Bands”, select “J”, and find JerkWaterJive. You’ll see the 11/2/00 show listed in the Media Library. And there’s a special treat included…a Pixies cover tune! :smiley:

We’ve got an exciting event coming up for Earth Day. We’re heading to Atlanta for a festival sponsored by Turner Broadcasting, Time/Warner-AOL, and Harley Davidson. It’ll be webcast live on AOL, CNN.com, and 52Media.com. There’s also a good chance of national TV coverage on CNN, TNT, and/or TBS. It should be a blast!!! :smiley:

Oh yeah, the 13 Nipples thing. We’ll, simply put, our guitarist had a skateboarding accident as a kid (not a bicycling accident as I originally thought).


Consequently, against Uni-Nipple’s wishes, “7 Guys, 13 Nipples” will be the name of our second CD, due out by June! :smiley:

DUDE! I’m going to be in Athens, Georgia (I think) during Earth Day!

Well then, you’re more than welcome to come out to the festival! :smiley:

We got into the festival because our tune “God’s Greenest Acre” was selected for the “Save The Planet” benefit compilation last year, and is being sold on the Captain Planet website, benefitting their foundation.

It’ll be Saturday, April 21st at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. It’s called “The Back To EarthDay Celebration”. They’re still working out the details and a national headliner (B-52s and REM were rumored), but the show is a definate go! Be aware, though, that our music is going to be toned down a bit due to it being a family event and all. (Closet Ho and Sugar Mama are definately out!) :wink:

More information at Limited Access Entertainment!

WooHoo! Go Nature!! :smiley: