Hey if you're going to rub my head don't criticize! (Baldy rant)

OK ladies, it’s one thing if you come up to me (with out asking) and start rubing my bald head; I mean it’s not like it’s an invasion of personal space or anything. :rolleyes:

The very least you could do is say: “Thank You” “Cool” etc…

What you SHOULDN’T do, is criticize me and tell me it’s not “smooth” enough!

Fer’ cry’n out loud! I never asked you to come rub my head in the first fuck’n place!

Furthermore, in society we have this thing called “personal space” which means you just don’t come up to people and start touching them!

How would YOU like it if I came up to you and started fondling your breast then said “Hey nice rack” ?

(OK it’s a lame rant. I know…)

Or, you could say, “Yeah, I know. I usually shave it right before I go to bed. Why don’t you come around and feel it then?”

SHAKES You’re approaching this one completely wrong!

Usually when my head gets rubbed I take that as an invitation to reciprocate.

I go straight for the tits!

Isn’t that a good luck thing, like rubbing the Budda’s belly, or kissing the Blarney stone? That would make your bald head some kind of national treasure, which, I think, you are obligated to maintain, for patriotic reasons. Consider yourself lucky she let you off with a warning this time. :wink:

“Well then I got something smooth you can rub, bitch!”

What BubbaDog said. You’d be surprised what you can get away with with bitches like that :wink:

You shouldn’t do this unless you’re absolutely sure her brest is bald, too. It’s best to ask first.

I’m balding, myself, with a bald spot the size of a pancake. I doubt I’ll lose all my hair, but I’ll lose more, I’m sure. I don’t see myself ever shaving my head, and since I probably won’t lose enough to make for a good rubbing patch (if I continue to follow my uncle’s pattern, anyway.) Still, it’s rude to do things like this to anyone’s physical features unsolicited, and it’s socially acceptable to punch these people in the face. Or at least it should be.

I recently shaved my head because I started balding in my 20s, but it’s fuzzy rather than completely smooth. Women do seem to like to rub it, and almost everyone I know thinks it is a good look for me.

Except my parents.

My mom says I look like a Nazi (great, because we’re all Jews), and my dad says I look like a concentration camp victim. My mom says it looks “uncorporate and unprofessional,” and both think shaving my head is leading to my low self-esteem. Notice the irony here?

that’s just so wrong. where does this happen? at work? at a bar/other social setting? if at work, cold stare and “I’m busy”. Social setting, cold stare “have we met?”

this sort of thing pisses me off quite a bit. and I believe you’re correct that the female in question would most probably object to you touching her w/o asking. (anywhere).

Rude guy (rubbing baldie’s head): “Feels just like my wife’s bottom”
Baldie (thoughtfully rubbing): “My God! So it does!” :smiley:

I would just like to point out that on my computer, the mouse over preview for this thread is:

OK ladies, it’s one thing if you come up to me (with out asking) and start rubing my b….

I was intriqued.

Not often that those two things get mixed up.

Or rub her crotch and say “Hey, this is bald too!”

I wouldn’t say so. I work for a huge corporation that you have most likely heard of and there’s this one guy in my office who shaves his head completely. He’s a professional, and they send him out to other offices to talk to people and such, and there haven’t been any issues at all. It’s a good look for him, too. I don’t think my head is shaped correctly to pull this off (at least, that’s the consensus of everyone I’ve consulted about it. I actually did consider shaving my head, myself.)

As to looking like a Nazi—I dunno, man. Do you sport a toothbrush moustache? That could be it. Otherwise, I have no idea.

Shaving your head completely usually works better with black men (and sometimes with black women.) I don’t know why that is, but there you go.

Not that you called for idle speculation, but I’d guess that it’s probably in large part just because it’s a common enough fashion that we’re used to seeing it. A lot of black guys, and a fairly large number of black women too, keep their hair closely cropped or even shaved.

It think it’s also that some blemishes and stubble are just harder to see.

I think you should work with the head rubbing situation.

A few years back my goatee hadn’t been trimmed for a few years (at least) and was approaching my belt. (Think ZZ Top) It was a common thing for women to approach me and ask if they could braid it. I always said, “so long as you do it sitting on my lap”.

Over half of them would climb on and braid. I kinda miss that. :wink:

That’s beautiful, man.
I had hair past my shoulders for several years and just recently cut it off. I miss having girls offering to braid it and touch it…it was a conversation starter if nothing else. Even in college very few guys had hair that long.

Cite? :slight_smile:

Is this the male counterpart to everyone walking up and palpating the bellies of women in advanced pregnancy without asking? I’ve never understood that either.