Hey inor! *smooch*

I just wanted to tell you that you have genuinely made me laugh like I haven’t been able to laugh in months. Thank you! Any time you need more smooches, just tell me, and I’ll be happy to smooch the bejesus outta you! Oh, and do you mind if I make this my new sig?

pounces on inor and gives him a big kiss

pout didn’t call me a floozy. sigh. Gotta have goals I guess.


did you know, relic, if you make an anagram of your handle, it doesn’t quite spell erectile tissue?
I sort of noticed that. Not that I was thinking about anything untoward, no no. I was thinking about my latest “Room temperature carpet fiber super string theory”, which is really a simple addendum to my work with the germanium polynomials, and for the life of me, can’t figure out how I happened to notice that about your name…I recall distinctly I was at the time, fondling my rosary ba… beads…, cuz physics is like, soo religious to me…
ahhhhh, fuck that…

ayyy, you made me laugh like a personality-disordered capuchin yourself- you one flunny floozy, y’know? Faster than a machine gun on the rebound, and brave too- way you stood up to that one guy- I was all, like, ‘WOW! look at the back on that gal!’
'ja see that one guy was bein nice to us?
I like him now. sorta…:wink:
I howled at the ‘so now it’s a friggin chat room. lovely…’
swear to god, that was funny…ya gotta see the meat visuals though- big-ass, growly-voiced guy…us li’l bendy flower-assed smoochers gettin all sticky and that (well, MC ain’t so little- she’s a long-legged demi-goddess, but you know what I mean)- in the bathroom, no less
I ain’t sure, but i could swear that’s his (really really cute) idea of…‘nice’
Oh oh, and Dudesse! you said Yo, inor! that’s like, swoon time for me. I love a masculine babe. I’m sensitive that way- lets me express my feminine side. which is my left side. which makes for some just icky sartorial, um, thingies…

Takin you up on the smoochy thing- I need all I can get. I also give them away on a walk in basis, so if ya ever yourself…
::SMOOCHin on the RE-lic till she’s dizzy for the rest of the day…::
<sigh.> This was soo nice…

oh yeh- 'course you can use that for a sig- be all superior, act like you know what a goopa goopa doll is- I’m honored!

Thank You, relic_11

See why I like him?


blushes He called me a floozy again! And missy PANTS! swoon

you absolute, paradigm-ey, end-of-the-line, wearin-a-cheap-cotton-dress-to-your-knees-while-haunting-the-street-corners-on-the-south-side-of-a-nearby-town-in-particular-casually-asking-the-odd-likely-passerby-if-they-“want to party a little, big boy”?-FLOOZY.
Babe, you know I’ll do anything I can to help…

so, c’mon, don’t pout

while you’re facing the other way.

waste of a good pout, doncha know…

[sub]pounced and smooched, pounced and smooched, inor’s gettin pounced and smooched

…and who says you weren’t fondled? :wink:

:wink: back to yez…

check the profile, inor! We faaaaaaaaaar away… :frowning:

that ain’t so far away!
No, really, wait- I could be there, y’know, in a couple hours or so…
I go left, right?
(she checked my profile…:))

inor, you’re a bright light. Don’t fade.

[sub]awww. k. was only goofin…sniff…

Is this the thread for blowing up a cat?


obviously not. Sorry to disturb you.

exits embarrassed

fuckin apropos of absolutely nothin Redboss

ai ai ai

how cool this guy was! I am thinking bad thoughts as wee speak!

[sub]it’s wee speak, k hon?[/sub]

I agree though- I’m gonna pay more attention to him/her- redboss- hee hee hee
Your secret’s outta the bag, Sass

::goin back in the bathroom. alone. it’s ok. my calculator is in there. i’ll be fine. won’t be doin any bendy shit though. sniff::


inor, I don’t think this lock works too well…

So what do I get if I pout facing you?

puppy dog eyes pouty face

Sorry, inor, for gettin’ all weird. I had a really bad day yesterday…

Do you think, mebbe, you know, I could get a smooch too? 'cuz, I’m all sad ‘n’ stuff. See, my most favroitest person and I are fighting lots, and I don’t know what to do. And it sucks, because a month ago, he was my fiance, but not anymore, and we want to be friends, but it’s hard, because it hurts, 'cause I still love him like I used to, but he doesn’t, and we’re far away, see he’s in DC, and I’m here, and we haven’t even SEEN each other since oct 15th, and his new girl is all condecending to me, and I really can’t stand her anymore, and I told him I can’t be around if she’s around, and he said he would break up with her for me (sniff) but I don’t really know if he did or will, and I HATE asking him to do that, but I really CAN’T be friends with him if she’s around, and if she doesn’t go away, I have to. It’s like she stabs me every move she makes, and I don’t know if she does it on purpose, but she does, and he keeps saying that we may have a chance again someday, but what the hell does that mean? Someday? Someday when? How? and if there still is a chance, why’d he leave me?

Okay, I’m done now…

I sound like you, you’re contagious…

Ya got me all flustered and I forgot how to spell… this is a serious issue that needs to be undressed (what?) In any case, I am in line for the smoochin’ - when you get a moment away from all your floozies. :wink:

inor, love, half the time I can’t figure out what in the world you are talking about, but I have to agree with the OP…YOU ARE A HOOT!

So, ScottiSmooches to you!


[brief serious interlude]

inor’s one of those guys that started out kinda on the wrong foot, but seems to be improving nicely. I am very appreciative of the support he gave me in my Pit thread about how my co-workers humiliated me last week.

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled silliness. :smiley: