Hey! it's Steve from Blue's Clues!

Interesting link here. Hope you all enjoy it. http://www.steveswebpage.com/


Oh thank goodness…
I thought you were going to say that you spotted him in a low-budget porn flick or he was arrested smoking crack under an overpass somewhere.

I thought this was interesting, too. I posted it in Cafe Society. Almost no one else thought it was interesting. I watched the video for I’ll Never tell you what I do on Saturday and couldn’t get it out of my head the rest of the evening.

You know the last few weeks I keep meaning to buy his CD when I go to J&R Music World but I either forget to buy it or forget his last name. May be a mission during much today. If I can only remember this for the next 30 mins!!!

I didn’t read the whole web page and in case you didn’t know, he had some of the members from the Flaming Lips play on the CD. Wayne Coyne not being one of them though, IIRC.

I haven’t heard any of the songs although I did see a brief bit on MTV or VH1 about him a few weeks ago. He became a big Flaming Lips fan when he first heard either Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi Battles… (I can’t remember which one he said but it was one of the last two). His fame helped him get in with the Lips and since they liked his music too they agreed to play on the CD.

I liked the music I heard on the web site, and if I get the chance, would buy the CD. Nice tunes.

Neat website!!!